10 tips to a Monsoon Friendly Home

Colour it up!
The overall atmosphere during monsoon is quite dull and gloomy The first thing to do it to add some bright accessories to your home to add some Colours
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Get your Kitchen Monsoon ready
Make sure you have all your storage jars and lids in place way before monsoon. Food tends to get soiled and soggy way easier during this time. So better to be prepared that worry!
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Let there be light!
As the sunny skies are usually overcast it is best to lay rest to heavy curtains. Bring in your sheers and curtains without lining so natural light can stream into your home. Also avoid materials like velvet and cotton as they soak water. Go in for polyester and nylon
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Chai and Pakoda
Add some ethnic appeal to your regular tea time routine by adding Rural elements like Khuallds and Ceramic bowls
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