How to give your home a romantic makeover for Valentine's day

LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
Rewind with a romantic spa!
Why go out when you can have the most spectacular Valentine’s experience within the confines of your lovely home. How? Simple! Surprise your partner by setting up a luxurious and romantic spa at home. Nice aromatic candles, some sparkling wines, rose petals here and there, a few strawberries to entice him. Isn’t your imagination setting aflutter!
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Love is in the air!
This Valentine – no restaurant, no movies – we vouch not to step out of the door. So how do we celebrate this special day? Well, we are great with organizing and intend to surprise our soul mate by setting up a lovely private brunch at home. How about the verandah or terrace to make this happen? Sounds fun, isn’t it. Enjoy those private moments, but hey, don’t forget those tidbits and some rose wine.
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Pink is the new Red This Valentine!
Give this Valentine a new avatar by ditching the usual red with some soothing and loving colors of Love. And who better than Pink, to sing your love galore, in the most majestic way. Choose the pink palate to set up a cozy, romantic dinner at the porch. Recreate the moments of love in each other company, remembering how far and close you both have reached since your first dinner date.
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Wooing in Style!
Show your man a glimpse of the true magician that you are. Transform the theme and mood of your home in the true spirit of Valentine. Dust some rosy petals, pour in some glasses of sparkling champagne, dim those lights and let the aroma of the candles do the talking. Set the mood and see him melt in your arms.
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