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Buy Double Photo Frames in India @ Limeroad

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Double Photo Frames


Aren't pictures one of the most important parts of our lives these days?  From snapchat to instagram we are all filled with pictures of us and our loved ones. We don't leave a moment pass by without holding it in a picture because we know this right here is never gonna come back and all we can do is look at the picture later and smile that it happened.


When pictures are such an important part of our lives why not decorate our house with photo frames that can hold these memories right in front of our eyes. We don't believe there's anything better you'd rather wanna decorate the house of your dreams rather than your precious memories.


Double photo frames are two photo frames attached together so you can put two different pictures in either one of them. You could choose to put yours and your beloved's single photos or you could put family pictures so that all your family can get into one frame if you don't already have a family picture clicked. Double photo frames like other photo frames can be hanged on a wall or kept on your bedside or on a showcase.


Display Your Nostalgia


Double photo frames are available in different types of colours and sizes so you can keep or hang the frame according to convenient space. The best part about pictures is that you don't have to worry about the perfect place to place a picture just find the perfect picture and hang it anywhere it's perfect in itself. The special thing about photos is that they are close to your hearts and we have photo frames specially fashioned for your hearts to hold on to your beautiful memories.


  • Photo frames come with words like family, mom, love etc. So you have a special double photo frame for your special people.


  • Photo frames can be hanged on the wall or also kept on your bedside tables or showcases.

  • Double photo frames are a great way to add more grace to a feature wall in your house.


  • You can even get your favourite quotes printed and put them in the photo frame. They add a more personal touch to your bedroom.


  • Double photo frames are easily available in all price ranges so you don't have to think about burdening your pocket.


  • Customise your living room and bedroom with pictures you love and let people who visit know you a little better.


  • Pictures speak your heart out. Let them be your personal messenger.


With Love


You can put pictures all over your house of anything that you love. It might be from a trip you went to when you were a teenager or some quote or a beautiful scenery. You can decorate your house with pictures as much as you want to and make it your personal photo gallery. We all know how many dreams we've always had of decorating our dream house. Well, what better than photos to decorate and embrace the house of your dreams and make it your home.

Frequently asked questions
Are double photo frames available on limeroad?
Yes, they are available.
1 answers
Can i gift a double photo frame to someone on their anniversary?
Yes, you can. You can even put their pictures in it and it'll be a great gift.
1 answers
Can double photo frames be hanged on a wall?
Yes, they can be. Just check before you buy.
1 answers
How does a double photo frame look better? By hanging or placing on a showcase?
Looks good both ways but mostly on a showcase.
1 answers
Are double photo frames available in black colour?
Yes, they are. They are mostly available in a lot of different colours and styles.
1 answers
What brands are best for double photo frames?
Although you can go for a lot of brands but traditional brands like archies and hamleys are great.
1 answers
Is a double photo frame a nice gift for birthday?
Yes, why not. It's a really sweet gift.
1 answers
Do photo frames look good in living rooms or just in a bedroom?
They look good anywhere you wanna keep them. There's no hard and fast rule on where to place a photo frame and where not.
1 answers
Can photo frames be customised according to the occasion?
Yes, photo frames for birthday, anniversary and what not are all customised for different occasions. You can buy the one according to your requirement.
1 answers
Is it important to have a feature wall in house to hang double photo frames or can we hang it as we see fit?
Although photo frames add more grace to your feature wall but you can hang wherever you want if you don't have one. Just try and put all your pictures on one wall and that could be your personal feature wall of memories.
1 answers