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Buy Hawkins Dosa Tawa For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Hawkins Dosa Tawa

About Hawkins


Hawkins is a very big name in the world of cookware. Hawkins dosa tawa is one of the reputed cookware. Hawkins dosa tawas are really good in quality and very affordable. They are the best value for the money.


Here is a brief about Hawkins Dosa Tawa available on Limeroad at the best offers.





Hawkins  dosa tawa comes in non stick material.The cooking surface of Futura Nonstick Cookware is made with a unique patented process by which high quality nonstick coating (made in Germany) is locked firmly into the tough Hard Anodised surface underneath. This means that Futura Nonstick, properly used, will last longer than ordinary nonstick.The non stick coating ensures that the rice, which is very sticky in nature do not get stick to the tawa while cooking.



  1. It has got the perfect curvature and correct thickness to give you the perfect crispy dosa and other south indian dishes like uttapam, upma,etc. The design of tawa gives the perfect taste to the dosa.
  2. The gauge of the tawa is 4.8mm thick. This ensures that the tawa gets heated properly and evenly and fast. It also retains heat for good time.
  3. It comes with a flange, that attaches the handle firmly to the tawa, has a very unique design so that the handle does not interfere with tawa base, thus providing a maximised surface area of the tawa so you can cook a large size dosa, and many number of other south indian dishes and cutlets at the same time.


  • Healthy food - There is no requirement for putting extra oil to prevent it from sticking, Due to its non stick property it cooks food in less oil which helps to control your cholesterol and keep you healthy.
  • Economical - It is very much economical as far as its benefits and prices are compared. Also it comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Easy to clean - It is very easy to clean.  Just wipe with a wet cloth or sponge after every use. Do not use a dishwasher.



It has three variants:


Code: NDT28

Diameter (cm): 28
Thickness (mm): 4.88
Carton dimensions (WxDxH): 443 x 286 x 72 mm
Product weight in carton: 1.06 kg


Code: NDT30

Diameter (cm): 30
Thickness (mm): 4.88
Carton dimensions (WxDxH): 468 x 320 x 93 mm
Product weight in carton: 1.90 kg

Code: NDT33

Diameter (cm): 33
Thickness (mm):  4.88
Carton dimensions (WxDxH): 490 x 342 x 85 mm
Product weight in carton: 1.97 kg




With Hawkins dosa tawa you get a wooden spatula free and also a warranty of 2 years. You also get a recipe book which will make cooking easy for you.


Best Place To Buy?


You can get all these varieties to choose from only on Limeroad. Limeroad gives you the best  Hawkins dosa tawas at a very low and reasonable price with discounts too. You can get them in a variety of colors and a varied section of different sizes also. Limeroad gives you the best service in terms of quality and money. So hurry and buy the best Hawkins dosa tawa today!

Frequently asked questions
Do the handles heat up while cooking?
No. The handle of hawkins futura tawa are made up of plastic and stainless steel and are heat protected.
1 answers
Can I make dosa on non stick tawa?
Yes. The non stick tawa is best suitable for south Indian food only.
1 answers
Can I make other uttapam also?
Yes. Futura non stick dosa tawa is suitable for all south Indian foods.
1 answers
Can I use them on induction?
Yes. You can use almost all variants of futura tawa on induction also.
1 answers
Do they come with a warranty?
Yes. There is minimum 2 years warranty on Hawkins futura dosa tawa.
1 answers
Are non stick tawas compatible with stove top?
Yes, they are perfectly compatible for stove top.
1 answers
Can I clean non stick tawa with aluminium scrub?
No. Not at all. This will remove non stick coating. You will be provided a plastic scrub along with it.
1 answers
Will I get recipe book also?
Yes, they come with a recipe book . All the recipes are tested on futura tawa.
1 answers
Can i use dishwasher to wash them?
No. Don't use dishwasher at all. This will destroy the product.
1 answers
Are they durable?
Yes, they are durable and also you get 2 year warranty.
1 answers