Decorating your room under Rs.2,599

Bathroom Accessories
One of the first things to keep in mind while doing up your bathroom is to go for a bright colour scheme. But try not to exceed the colours to more than a combination of 3. By getting bright colours into your bathroom via towels, curtains and bath sets you will automatically brighten the room.
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Kitchen Essentials
Get colourful accessory for your kitchen so that it looks bright and not boring. You can now get a lot of Home Decor accessories in funky styles
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Living Room style
Pastel colours look fun and trendy. Bring in Pastel accessories like cushions and clocks to revamp your space. In terms of sofa covers, don't change the complete sofa just get some covers made in different colours
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Get in colourful serve ware with prints and colours. This will be a great option especially when your have guests over. You can get plastic and ceramic products which looks stylish and is not expensive
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