Home Decor - Color It Right !!

sweta biswal
April 2, 2016
Red and Brown for the Living Room !!
Red raises the energy level and at the same time stimulates conversation !! Brown adds that touch of comfort and coziness ! And you need both when you have guests coming over ! A balance of both is just what elevates you from a monotonous host to a vivacious one !!
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Orange and Green for the Dining !!
Orange whets up your appetite and pumps in some serious enthusiasm. Green keeps it in balance and provides a relaxed feel. Just what you need when you someone over from lunch/dinner !!
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Blue and Green For the Bedroom !
Blue soothes the mind and helps one unwind. Green stands for serenity and relaxes the tired eyes. Now Imagine doing up you bedroom in the welcoming shades of the blue sky and the emerald green ocean. Already feeling relaxed, aren't you ?
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Green and yellow for the Workplace !!
Running the show from home, are you ? Then go for green which keeps it restful and add a dash of yellow to keep it cheerful at the same time. A potted plant, some chimes and a nice bean bag works great for creative folks !!
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