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Buy hooded sports t-shirts for men in India @ Limeroad

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Hooded Sports T-Shirt For Men


Hooded sports t-shirts have now been seen overtaking the mainstream polyester sports t-shirts. Nowadays, many people are seen in our surroundings wearing them at many casual occasions.

All of us are in a wrong impression that only professional athletes wear such clothing during practise sessions but no that’s not true.

Probably while seeing random television commercials we make these assumptions without giving any second thoughts as these  eye alluring hooded t-shirts would weigh a lot on your pockets because they are being worn by famous sports personalities.

LimeRoad brings a wide range of hooded sports t-shirts to your doorstep at very affordable prices. We have you backed up with both polyester as well as cotton fabrics. From sleeveless to half sleeved and to even full sleeved hooded sports t-shirts.


Usage Of Hooded Sports T-Shirt


  • One can show off his/her trendsetting style while wearing this attire to workout sessions, crossfit, cardio, cycling, trekking or even casually during the day time.
  • These hooded sports t-shirts provide you with the freshest look, and are effective in marking a style statement. No matter what , they always  provide you with a sporty look when teamed up with matching sweatpants or shorts.
  • One can never go wrong while picking hooded sports t-shirts with any sleeve length or even sleeveless as an attire for indoor or outdoor workout session/activities.
  • The hood attached with these t-shirts acts as a necessary protective gear and protects you from windy weather, rains and dust while working outdoors.

These t-shirts (polyester) are ultra light weight and are not going to let your body feel weighed down when in rain or during indoor workouts and are preferred for

  • Workout sessions
  • Cardio
  • Crossfit
  • Yoga
  • Sports
  • Outdoor activities


LimeRoad offers you attractive color combinations of hooded sport t-shirts to draw attention of the nearby people of whatsoever activity you are engaged in.

All the clothing you find at LimeRoad are of the finest qualities from the best sellers across India with durability guaranteed. The cloth has been cross-stitched, which ensure that the edges won’t tear apart at any circumstances. They come in polyester or cotton fabrics.


Why Opt For Hooded Sports T-Shirt?

  • Fabrics: Yes, the fabric you wear especially while doing hard workout sessions is going to matter a lot. It must feel soft to you at all times. This hooded sports t-shirt is made up of light and soft to the skin polyester which would make you feel the same all times. They are outstanding at wicking away moisture as well.


  • Protection & Safety – The hood attached to the t-shirt is going to protect you from all types of outdoor weather. A full sleeved variant would ensure that no particle enters inside as these t-shirts fit close to the skin.


  • Comfort Counts The Most It is always necessary that whatsoever you wear gives you a comfortable feel before looking fashionable or stylish These t-shirts come in with little features which will enhance your workout sessions and make them more fun.

Limeroad  brings to you tshirts that meet all the above standards. So, shop for hooded sports t-shirts from Limeroad to match and experience the widest range along with great quality and a feel of self satisfaction for your investment in sports apparel.