5 ways to make your home Pet Friendly

1) Fall in love with throw-blankets
You love the couch sure, but you love your little pooch too! So throw out some quirky printed blankets on your beautiful vintage couch for the extra appeal & dash of color. Shedding hair? No problem no more!
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Claw-proof Furnishings
Adorable as they are, your furry babies do have those claws of steel! Pick the right furnishing, especially curtains. Steer clear of fray-able fabrics like Silk or Satin, Net being a definite ‘no-no’ & pick up a few of those thick Jacquard or Velvet curtains that can actually add value to your décor just as well…& serve totally ‘claw-proof’!
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Tans & Nudes-The ‘go-to’ shades
Go all black, hair on the couch… Go all white, hair on the couch! Why not go tan or beige or grey. Hair on couch yes, but not visible as much. Voila! Cue is, try matching your sofa covers with your pets fur.
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Closed Storage is the right choice
Puppies & kittens love to chew. It is especially during their teething phase that pet parents should actually consider closed storage options. So tuck almost anything that seems just irresistible (well think like the pup for a bit ;)) and hide it! Also make it a point you keep all those wires covered & tucked in.
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