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Buy modern sarees for women in India @ Limeroad

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Modern Sarees For Women


Saree, a nine-yard garment that has been proud of every Indian Women.


To trace back its origin is to go back in the BC period. I mentioned this just to portray how long saree has been in the fashion. With all the new designs coming up, there is no way Saree is going out of fashion ever.


The Modern Saree which in many ways helped to keep up the Saree tradition even in the most western wear loving generation.


We will now talk about the different styles of Sarees, modern times have bought us.


How Different Is It From Traditional?


Any Saree which you may not have seen throughout the history of Indian Wear can be considered a modern saree, not only that but even a traditional saree can have a twist of the modern world.


Say, Banarasi saree is a traditional wear but there are “modern banarasi sarees” in the market. How is it modern? Because the print or colors might be new from the usual way Banarasi sarees are designed while still hanging to the silk and the zari work.


One can not say modern sarees are totally different from traditional because it’s all about the designs and style. The modern sarees today might not be that modern a decade after.


It should also be noted that how you drape the saree also contributes to how much modern or traditional it’s gonna look.


The “Modern” Style


So patterns are an important part of Saree to determine which side they are on. Hence we are gonna look at some patterns that did not go to the market until the modern time.


Half And Half : These have been swiping the ethnic wear fashion a lot. What is a half and half saree? It means that one half and the other half of the saree have contrasting colors. They may come in prints and embroideries that have been in India for decades.

Recommendations: Shaily Brown Georgette Half And Half Saree

                             : Shangrila Designer Red Half And Half Saree


Tie And Dye : Now this isn’t a modern day thing, Gujarat and Rajasthan have been doing ‘bandhani’ for a long time but as we have said designs can make the traditional saree look modern. The traditional bandhani is to dye it and then get the Jaipuri prints on it. The modern approach is more of a twist in the traditional Shibori style.

Recommendations: Fab Band Contrast Shades Shibori Saree

                             : Ashiya Fab Lace Border Shibori Yellow Saree


Floral : Floral has been a Saree favourite since the 90s. It was actually the most seen design to be seen on Bollywood divas on the big screen. Georgette with red floral on a pastel color saree was a hit. Fast forward floral is still here and in many styles.

Recommendations: Shangrila Designer Linen Floral Printed Saree

                             : Aloki Yellow Georgette Printed Saree


The “Party” Saree : Now this may sound occasion specific but we figured it’s a better way to describe the metallic or shiny sarees we usually see in parties.

Recommendations: Dhandai Fashion Embroidered Saree

                               Fashion Hut Saree Embellished Floral Blue Saree


The recommendation can be bought on limeroad, happy shopping!