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Buy mowgli t-shirts for women in India @ Limeroad

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Mowgli T-shirts For Boys


“Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai” Did your mind automatically start singing this line as you read it? Well that’s Mowgli for all of us. Ninety’s generation has grown up watching cartoons like ‘The Jungle Book’, Mowgli being the favorite character. We still miss those cartoon days and remember watching them the whole day on off days and getting permission from parents to watch them was like a treat for us back then.


Reviving childhood days


What if you cannot watch those cartoons right now! We still have a better idea for you all to revive your lovely childhood days. As a matter of treat, we have come with some wonderful tees having prints from The Jungle Book. These tees have a variety of designs imprinted like the characters of Mowgli, Baloo the bear, Bagheera, Sher Khan, Akela as a group and individuals with the other characters from the ‘The Jungle Book’ series as well.

Not only the characters, you will also find quotes and famous dialogues from the same that are definitely going to catch the attention of every single person you pass by, wearing that tee. And this way you not only revive your own childhood memories, but also remind other people of their best days.


Different patterns


These printed t shirts are available as different tees like polo t shirt collar styles, round neck, V neck, sleeveless t shirt style, Henley Y neck style. Tees have different sleeves, full as well as half sleeves, raglan sleeves and cap sleeves. You will get them in different shades in almost all the colors. The most trending ones are the tees with many different types of digital prints and glow in the dark tees. Glow in the dark t shirts have the radium in them that glows in the dark. These are generally black colored t shirts with radium prints glowing in the absence of light.

For All Ages


The t shirts with Mowgli and other prints are designed for boys and men both. Kids as well as elders can enjoy the fun of wearing these unique print tees. These are available in different sizes varying in different patterns. In raglan sleeves, you will get different color combinations, while in collar tees also, several color combinations are present.

The fabrics you will be finding in these prints are the Cotton, Polyester and Linen.

Cotton is the most favorable material for manufacturing t shirts. It is super comfy and gets soft with every wash. Hence, the most selected one.

Lenin: A bit rougher than cotton. T shirts, made from this fabric are good for summer. This is a very lightweight fabric and dries quickly.

Polyester: The characteristics of polyester make it a perfect fabric for the sportsmen. It dries quickly and is wrinkle free.   

These are the available fabrics in the Mowgli print t shirts. Pick your piece according to the ambience that you are going to wear your cartoon t shirt in and enjoy wearing your t shirt and simultaneously remembering your favorite character from this whole series.