10 Creative DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Love!

greeta sulochana
May 4, 2016
Memories Are Forever!
1. Use any digital image in your computer. black and white/ sepia-tone looks best. 2. Draw a pretty heart on the frame with a light shade pencil. Cut images accordingly to fit the shape. 3. Use glue-stick on the back of the images and press firmly on the frame base. 4. Allow to dry before packing it in a gorgeous wrap and ribbons!
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Served With Love!
1. Follow the same instructions as done for the heart shaped frame. 2. Stick a clean transparent plastic sheet on top to avoid dust from settling on top. 3. Stick to minimally designed trays for maximum impact!
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Let your creativity flow!
1. Besides free hand, you could also use stickers, stencils or a printed design. 2. Wipe the glass clean with colin/spirit to get rid of dirt or smudges. 3. Pick out the colors ( use any glass-friendly brand of paint) you love for your design and jet set go!
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Sweet And Comfy!
1. Fabric markers are the best. 2. Make a letter stencil with your quote on a chart. 3. Tape it onto the cushion and fill in. 4. Remove when done. Easy breezy!
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