5 Tangy Table Decor Must-HavesThis New Year

Brighten Up Your Dining Space
Forget the typical candle stands this festive season and use those good old tumblers to put in the fat-bottom candle. Throw on these bright colored mats on the table and show off your new cocktail glass collection to guests. The black wine glass is a fast seller while the vodka glass inspires a martini--shaken not stirred!
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Kitsch Meets Mughlai Art
Decor for your dining is best when fused with Mughlai elements. The modern plate is very vintage but the kick comes from the tray, candles and the runner that are true-blue Mughal motif based!
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Go Vintage With Decor
Some ethnic vibe is a must-have in your decor this New Year. Go bold and high on Indian Rajputana table runners. The dinnerware and glasses can remain very American but yes we again love to take cue from old India with our lighting pick.
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Tango Up With Tantrums
Pastel colored candles- check. Red napkin- check. Bar glasses in black- check. The abstract art inspired runner is something that scores a sixer here. Who know art will make way onto our tables, eh?
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