Welcome to the Playboy Mansion

Ria Saxena
June 8, 2016
As the Mansion got sold,we take one last look
The Playboy Mansion (also known as the Playboy Mansion West) is the home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner. In Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, near Beverly Hills, the mansion became famous during the 1970s through media reports of Hefner's lavish parties. It has now been bought by Daren Metropoulus, the owner of Hostess Brands. The terms of sale state that 90-year-old Hefner has the right to live in the mansion for the rest of his life.
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Classic Decor or Old Fashioned?
The house has retained its English Manor style classic decor. With Persian carpets, Carved wood, crystal chandeliers and opulent sizes. However ex-playmate Izabella has stated in the blog, Shelterpop that the mansion was quite dilapidated. She said,"When I moved in, the walls were pink -- Hef's favorite color for girls' bedrooms -- and it had a yellow-cream color queen-size bed with a somewhat fancy (Baroque-ish) headboard, an antique wood dresser of a completely different time period, an Indonesian teak tall bookshelf and two mismatched wood nightstands,"
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Ever Heard of a Private Zoo?
The mansion has 22 rooms including a wine cellar (with a Prohibition-era secret door), a screening room with built-in pipe organ, a game room, three zoo/aviary buildings (and related pet cemetery), a tennis/basketball court, a waterfall and a swimming pool area (including a patio and barbecue area, a grotto, a basement gym with sauna below the bathhouse). Landscaping includes a large koi pond with artificial stream, a small citrus orchard and two well-established forests of tree ferns and redwoods. The west wing (originally servants wing) houses the Editorial offices of Playboy. The main Aviary building is the original greenhouse, with four guestrooms adjoining.
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Life at Playboy Mansion is no less than a movie, or was..
Hefner’s parties at Playboy Mansion were once the stuff of legend. John Lennon had supposedly stubbed a cigarette out on one original Matisse paintings at one event in the Seventies. But currently the house has become quite outdated. Some ex-playmates (or Play Bunnies) who lived there claimed the place was less than clean, and dogs were not house-trained.
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