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Royal Blue Sarees

Royal blue sarees are in trends these days  and is a very rich colour. It looks like it has a story to tell to the people about its glory and about how exquisite it is. A royal blue saree is the best decision if you are going to a grand function and want to look your best in terms of clothing. It makes you look mature and sophisticated.These sarees usually come in silk, georgette, crepe, etc.

What Are The Types?

  1. The varieties of designs available look alluring, and captivating to the eyes.

  2. These sarees come in many varieties and there is one for each person, whether you look for a simple one, or whether you look for a festive one.

  3. This fabric gives a sense of luxury and can be worn to look exquisite in front of your friends. This saree is the perfect ethnic wear when you want to wear traditional clothes. When going out for an event, your outfit wouldn’t be complete without a classy blue saree. The details enhance the sarees, and make it a lot more interesting and colourful.


    Why To Choose Royal Blue Sarees?

  1. This saree is perfect for those who have want a simple but sophisticated look.

  2. It makes you stand out, complementing the overall styling choice for the outfit.

  3. The colours and styles all focus on attracting customers who like extravagant and traditional clothing.

  4. They come in different textures, some with a bit of embroidery, with fun designs and sometimes plain. This should be available in everybody’s closet, because of it’s richness.

  5. This would go along with all of your everyday outfits and could be worn to any outing, be it shopping or even during festivals.

       How To Wear Royal Blue Sarees?

  1. Pair it with any type of heels to flatter the saree or even with antique jewellery and some bangles.

  2. For a more casual outfit, pair your royal blue saree, with a black sandal, minimal jewellery and light makeup.

  3. This brings a subtle and lovely feel to your look. All styles are available at Limeroad, and these sarees are very cost efficient as well.

  4. You can wear one for a grand occasion or even for a simple event. Wear this and feel as stylish and fashionable as possible.

  5. On a festive day or occasion, wear a navy blue saree with gold accents, for a festive, and glamorous mood, and pair with a pair of gold earrings, and gold sandals. This saree makes you look elegant. A cotton royal blue saree is a perfect choice for everyday wear. The gold accents and borders on the sarees, really elevates the entire look and complements the royal blue of the saree.


You find all the types mentioned above on LimeRoad, to suit your different styles for the perfect outfit