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Buy south indian cotton sarees for women in India @ Limeroad

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South Indian Cotton Saree

South Indian cotton saree is commonly known as Kovai cora cotton saree. South india is the most prominent when it comes to sarees and its collections. It is also known for southern cotton sarees. The authentic south cotton saree are made available for you on LimeRoad, so you can enjoy the same south cotton saree feel without going anywhere.


LimeRoad offers a wide range of south cotton sarees ranging from patterns and colours. Colours range from light to vibrant shades, you can buy your saree as per your taste and in your budget.


Kovai Cora cotton or Kovai Kora cotton is a type of saree made in the Coimbatore region in Tamil Nadu, India. It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by the Government of India in 2014-15.


Kovai Kora cotton is made from a blend of silk and cotton. A superior quality cotton yarn is mixed with traditional silk to produce kora cotton. The sarees have bright colored border designs with occasional use of shining zari.The required designs are weaved using the loom using combinations of colored cotton and silk threads and the borders are added later.

Most Popular South Cotton Sarees In India

1.Silver Beauty

This is a wonderful cutting edge trendy saree in black and shimmering silver. The saree seems wonderful mixed in with the pure black that forms the body of the saree. The entire saree is thrown in a basic scarce stripe design with alternate thin silver stripes and black sections. Silver and black accessories along with the matching blouse add a distinct theme to your look.


2.The Chic In White

White is the color of purity. White is the color of serenity and white here looks absolutely flawless with this copper gold or brass outer line. The saree is quite humble yet a strong statement piece where the simple white is filled with minuscule flower patterns. The borderline is laid in a heavy brass zari work with a beautiful studded detailing in between.  Towards the end you would see a beautiful violet and golden borderline.


3.The Chocolate Savvy

The color of the saree is a deep milk chocolate. This is the beige shade that portrays a deep brown and matching it is the maroon or copper red that forms the stripes for the outer borderline. Throughout the saree, towards the end there is a constant alternating copper and brown with stripes but the golden border seals the deal. Outside the gold is a thin rim of clothing.


4.Flower Galore

The saree’s base color once again in light and humble in a soft beige cream but what we admire the most is the simplicity explained through a complex use of flowering plants, vines and all towards the end of the draping. The pallu of the sari is extremely beautiful with occasional heavy patterns on the lower end.


5.Mad About Stripes

Here the entire saree is in monochrome with occasional black and white detailing. If you are a stripe fanatic, you would definitely like the look of it.