10 Things You'll Miss When Staying Away From Mom!

greeta sulochana
May 6, 2016
Great Food At The Right Time!
The first thing that hits anyone who stays away from mommy is the absence of delicious food when you need it the most! I know I do.
The Best Care-Giver In The World!
Falling sick can make someone realize a lot many things! The first thing is having mummy on our bedside at all times when we are ill. No matter day or night, she would forego her own sleep, but make sure that we are sleeping just fine!
A Spick And Span Home!
Yes, it is true. No one can keep a house clean like our dearest mums. We probably will never know how she manages to keep up with the routine clean-up everyday without fail! I know I could never do!
Purest Form Of Friendship!
Yes, mothers and daughters make the best friends ever! She will have a listening ear open and a helping hand to lend at all times. There is absolutely no selfishness or greed in this friendship. Yes mum, you are my bestest friend forever!