5 Military Green Looks To Warm Up Winters

LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
Go High On Trenchy Green
Not long ago trench green was considered boring.Today, it finds top place in our fall collection inspired by military hues. A smart jacket that fits snugly works magic in the cold. The black boots add a corporate feel while the rounded aviators complete the old-military inspired look.
Match Up In Military Style
Forget color blocking. Military green can be twined up every way. A big tote to match up a dress in the shade adds edge to this look. The statement neck piece is not extravagant but complements the jacket and the boots.
The Toned Down Lady
Turn heads despite wearing the lightest of colors. That is the advantage of carrying the right satchel bag i military green. A similar colored stiletto pair add the hipness to the very careless-ly done up lady's get up.
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A Flirty Breeze In Military Green
This look is perfect for a day-out with your guy. It is very old-school thanks to the Roman slippers in green. The pink top adds a touch of femininity while the pleated skirt harks back to the fashion trends of the World War II Era.