7 Reasons Why I Don't Want To Be Like My Dad!

greeta sulochana
June 16, 2016
It Is Always About The Discipline!
Discipline is important to live a good life! Yes, I totally agree! But, that doesn't mean that every waking minute of my life has to be spent as per a set routine. I know you want me to live an awesome life, but dad, seriously, just cut me some slack!
The Age Old Tradition Of Miserliness
Wow, aren't all our dads guilty of this crime? My dad isn't at ease till he describes to me in all the unnecessary details the story behind the worth of every single penny! Sigh!
The Never Ending Comparisons!
Be it school, extra curricular, talents or no matter what, you simply have to compare me with Sharmaji's daughter!
The Tiring Struggle With Technology
This one is actually cute, haha! It is sometimes really funny to see my poor dad struggle with his phone or the remote. He does try to learn his best, but quite frankly, he isn't the best when it comes to using technology nor does he understand my need to always have my mobile by my side!