Top Workplace Looks To Party In

Satarupa B.
April 2, 2016
Clever Pop Color Layering
Parties can pop up anyplace, anytime and so what if you ahve had a long day at work. Quirky fixes and pop colored fashion tips will take you a long way here. A boring monochrome chequered work dress might look too office-girl like. Team up a coral jacket and you are all set for a party in minutes.
Say It With Jet Black
Black is the ultimate combo for parties but also make you a diva at the workplace. Why not layer up and match the color with more black? This boardroom look is warm but gets jazzy when you hit the dance floor at night.
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Sass Up Some Blue With Black
The typical black-white workplace shirt is sexy but Plain Jane and the A-line nude skirt too makes you a boardroom diva. However,adding a plaid jacket in blue can take to to party zone in a jiffy. The black satchel also looks party-like when blocked against the blue.
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Ready To Party With Work Behind
Drop all your workplace blues for the day with this tie-bow style top in abstract print. The zipper detailing on the A-line skirt makes you look very chic. The blazer jacket and the birdie tote are classic work ensemble pieces but also are zingy enough for a party night.
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