A #FresherStart for Girls

Soheni Arora
June 13, 2016
#FresherStart - Orientation
You've sharpened your pencils & your wits, bought everything on the book-list, and now you're wondering what to wear on the first day of class. Here's a cheat-sheet of essentials that will make wardrobe decisions a breeze & help make the transition to hostel life a little easier.
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Formal Trousers Are A Must
When it comes to vivas or project presentations, no examiner likes sloppily-dressed students. Have at least 2 pairs of formal trousers for these occasions. And if you wear them frequently, invest a little money in dry cleaning to keep them looking new for as long as possible.
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Start with bottomwear
Have at least 6 bottomwear pieces in your wardrobe, especially if you're going to live in a hostel and do your own laundry. There will be times when you can't wash clothes daily and having an extra pair of jeans is handy.
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Play it Safe with Palazzos
Even campuses that have a ban on jeans allow female students to wear palazzos, so if you're unsure of dress code, wear palazzos with a long top, kurti or kurta. They're also a more comfortable option than tight churidars in Indian weather.
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