15Kg Baggage Only!

Soheni Arora
June 26, 2016
How To Pack Light
Airlines only allow 15 kilos of checked in luggage & 7 kilos of cabin baggage. Out of this, assume that your empty suitcase weighs 5kilos, & empty handbag weighs 1 kilo. Suddenly, you're really short of space! But don't worry, there are ways to downsize your packing without downsizing your style quotient!
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Carry a Backpack On-Board
Travel with only the essentials- ticket, boarding pass, passport, keys to your suitcase, wallet, cellphone & charger, a scarf & a very basic make up kit. Notice how everything is monochrome & gold? Yup! stick to a colour scheme, mix & match within that scheme to avoid having to carry too many "matching" accessories.
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Wear The Heaviest & Bulkiest Pieces
Your jeans, boots & jacket are most likely the heaviest items you'll be taking with you. They also take up a lot of space, so wear these on the flight to avoid having to pack them. Belts, watches & jewellery actually weigh more than we realise because of their metal parts, so wear these too.
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Basic Make Up Kit
You don't need your entire vanity for a 3-day trip! Just carry some subtle neutral make-up that goes with all your clothes and keep it in your handbag. Add a hairbrush & a small vial of perfume. Remember, airlines don't allow liquids over 100ml, so carry a perfume that's almost over, use it up on your trip & discard the empty bottle.
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