5 Major Lessons to Take Home from the Dangal Duo

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2016 has witnessed women centric cinema on a dynamic scale. The latest release, Dangal brings into limelight, the fierceness of femininity in the most explicit way. The movie is a biopic of Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari, the sister duo who won medals for wrestling at the Commonwealth Games. Theirs is an inspiring story that was narrated beautifully in Dangal.  They bloomed into world-class wrestlers under the mentorship of their father, former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who had to give up wrestling due to financial commitments. He lived his love for wrestling through the success of his daughters. The movie won hearts of the audience and of the critics and left us contemplating on the way we see women in the world. The movie is emotion and action packed and also gives us some enlightenment along with some entertaining cinema. Here are the major life lessons that we should totally take home from the Dangal Duo:

1. Success is determined by strength, not gender

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The movie made it obvious that winning needs strength and determination, in wrestling and in life. Success doesn’t see whether you’re a man or a woman. It just sees whether you’ve done enough to win it. Mahavir Singh Phogat rightly realized that his daughters have the potential to be just as good (or even better) than a professional male wrestler. The magnitude of strength that the Dangal sisters had just couldn’t let success be that farfetched.

2. Never let taboos take over

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The popular notion of “women can’t’ was well defeated by the movie of Dangal. Whether it was to break the ‘salwar kameez’ bogus or whether it was about beating up boys, Geeta and Babita always stood for what was actually right and not for what was thought to be right. And with the immense support and moral outlook of their father, taboos were better broken.

3. Skills need sharpening

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The movie depicted all the hard work that has gone into the making of these world class wrestlers. While Geeta and Babita had it in them, they never underestimated the importance of training. Talent and skills need polishing and nothing explains it better than the sport of wrestling that the Dangal sisters lived in.

4. Fathers know the best

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If your dad is your life coach, you’re sure to win. Geeta’s advanced NSA training couldn’t get her the victory that her father’s predominant path got her. We identify with the movie for the ‘only human’ instincts it depicts. It shows how children often grow up discouraging the obsolete thoughts of their parents and later go on to realize how true they were.

5. “Gold toh Gold hota hai”: The medal shines bright of feminine necks too

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Dangal establishes gender equality in its purest form. The gold medal shines equally bright when won by such inspiring women. The simply strong dialogue “gold toh gold hota hai” is true to every word. The amount of pride that a woman brings through her victory is no less than a man’s.

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Bleed Blue- Cricket and You

Bleed Blue- Cricket and You

With India’s victory in the epic match against Pakistan, I’m sure you’d be sitting at the edge of your seat each time another match is lined up. What I know for sure, is that  I support my country and cricket is best enjoyed on a large screen with my folks!

So if you are headed to the nearest sports bar or a friend’s place to enjoy the next match India’s participating in, you’d need to dress according to the occasion, in this case – you would want to bleed blue! Here are my top picks for a comfortable attire that not only exhibit your love for team India’s color but also a lot of style!

Miss Pretty Me

Pretty Me Dress

Get this look here: dress, neck-piece and ballerinas.

The image above displays the perfect short blue dress to show your support towards team India. This gorgeous knee high plain blue dress can be teamed up with some really cool accessories to complete your look. Because it is a plain, no prints dress, you can really direct your final look literally the way you want it to be. This is the perfect outfit if you are headed straight to a party post the match.

The Cool Cricket Chic

white tunic

Like this look? Click for the earrings, dress and flip-flops.

If you think you don’t want the in-your-face blue outfit, you can stick to the secondary color of team India, that is, white. This breezy tunic is perfect for a day’s outing. Top it up with blue accessories like the chakra earrings and cool blue flip flops and you’re ready to hit your friends couch to watch the match!

The Cheer Leader Look

cheer leader

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Cricket is a gentleman’s game and always has room for cheerleaders! A pretty short little dress like this one brings out the girlie side in you and while you cheer for team India, you would look no less than a pretty cheer leader. Yes, only the pom-poms would be missing, I bet you can arrange for that as your accessory!

The Lazy-Enthu

lazy tee

Too lazy to search for this look? Get it right here: tee, shorts and studs.

This one’s especially for someone like me, who is enthusiastic about cricket – no doubt, but who is also at the same time lazy about most things in general! The tee shirt describes it all actually. Give your friends a good chuckle as they draw a direct reference of you from your tee shirt! Team it up with hot pants giving it a sporty look, enough to make you a head turner if you plan to hit the sports bar to catch the match.

So these were the top suggestions that you could use to bleed blue and support team India in the next match!