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Blue Ceramic Hanging Aroma Oil Burner
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Lavender Jar Candle & Tealights Set
 Brahmz Aroma Oil Diffuser - Ceramic - Regular - Black - Rose -  online shopping for Aroma oils & burners
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Brahmz Aroma Oil Diffuser - Ceramic - Regular - Black - Rose
Fragranced Oils (set Of 3)
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Ceramic Aroma Diffuser
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Candles and Fragrances Let the love bloom

Candle light dinner! Sounds exciting right? Candles create romance and help in mood changing. And thus, the idea of candle light dinner seems interesting. With the candles and fragrances, the ambience is filled with aroma creating more love and tenderness. Romantic candles are used when a boy plans to propose a girl or when a girl prepares secret dinner for her beloved and for zillion other reasons.

Candles are a source of light since 500 B.C, apart from the basic function they help majorly in decorating the house. Earlier, only diyas were used to decorate the house on Diwali, but now even candles are being used on such special festive occasions. Fancy candles are in trend too that can be placed in beautiful candle stand to give your house an elegant and fashionable look.

Scented Candles: For an Aromatic Ambience

Perfumed candles are an important home decor element that build up beautiful environment. They help in giving your house a more welcoming nature. And they are the most inexpensive and easy to keep home decor. Candles now a days are available in different shapes and designs.

There are decorative candles available like heart shape candles in pink and red colors, glass matki candles, rose embossed candles, aromatic candles and more.

Everything comes branded even the candles. Some of the brands that offer candles online are Ekam, Skycandle and The Yellow Door. They not only offer candles, but also candle moulds and candle holders in great prices only at, India’s leading online shopping portal.

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