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3 piece suits for men

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Suits for Men


Every men has to have a suit in his wardrobe,be it for occasions or work. Buying a proper suit appropriate for a particular event, be it the graduation ceremony, engagement, wedding, opening event of your business, or the client meet is a work. Let’s make it fun with limeroad shopping.


Maybe right now, you do not have a suit. At some point, you will need a suit for some occasion. And if you are in need for one right now,then you have come to right place. To make it easy we are going to talk about different suits for different occasions.


It is understandable that some of the men may have zero knowledge about which suit to get, but  just going to a brand store and buying a ready-made long sized black suits and pants is not the answer. That being said,black is one good and safe choice. But just a little knowledge of the right parameters to check what suits your body type and look, you can rock that attire like a pro.



Suits For College



Many have this go to attitude when it comes to attending college ceremony, but after graduation or just growing up, they developed a change that is quite necessary. You have to wear Suits at some point. But rocking a suit in college is a big thing.


Going to your graduation ceremony or fresher’s party in White shirt and denim pants like one of those guys from Backstreet Boys is fun and but well you might want to make that kind of day memorable. When every other person is in a suit, it might be hard to stand out and look classy at the same time but just choose the one you love and it’s gonna work out for you.


  • Fresher’s Party: It’s the time when you make first impression on your classmates and professors. An important start to new life, you can go casual but most of the fresher parties have mandatory formal theme and when it’s formal it’s suit. Remember you are a 18 year old something and you can go crazy with your choices. Think a little fun and not the usual black or grey suits. Brown Terry Rayon Suit From Van Heusen is the bold but party worthy choice you are looking for. You can also go for patterns or floral.


  • Graduation Ceremony: Now this is not a party and you want to be dressed for a picture that would be framed forever, it’s your big day! Go classy with black,grey or royal blue Or try something new yet classy with Beige Terry Rayon Suit by Tag 7. You can try different things but remember to fit the graduation ceremony clause.

Get Dressed For The Work

Imagine you have to give a presentation and you have a shabby look: A buffalo Shirt and Trousers. obviously when you have to give a presentation in front of a bunch of people, apart from your project, one has to look presentable to make an impression. Give that bold impression that speaks for itself with a classy suit.


  • Interview: It really depends on the interview actually. Some people go simple with shirt and pant,that is advisable when you are a fresher but if your job requires to be a leader or a position alike you got to be dressed like a leader. Grey Terry Rayon Suit From Peter England fits here perfectly.


  • Meetings: Board meetings ? Conference? Important Business dates? Suits like Beige Polyester Blend Suit From Peter England or Navy Blue Polyester Blend Suit From Van Heusen could be one of your pick. You should pick something that says confidence and match the tone of the meeting.


  • Everyday Office Wear: It won’t come to as a surprise if your office hours requires you to wear suit everyday or from time to time. For such time go with much simpler approach with a proper formal look. Something like Grey Polyester Blend Suit From SUITLTD would fit.

One For Every Party

Now all the mandatory times you have to wear suits have been settled for, it’s time to add some fun. Suits are a big party outfit, be it weddings or a birthday party. Times like these demands you to shine a little extra, throw some more colors and dress according to your style preference.


  • Wedding/Ethnic: If you are going to a Indian Wedding or for a Diwali party, it’s time to have fun and keep the regular suits aside for a while. Roll with suits like this one, Beige Polyester Suit from Van Heusen. Patterns are beautiful and trendy when it comes ethnic parties. To go ethnic style without the help of a pajama kurta is something very few accomplish,you can be one of them!


  • All Party: It can be a party for anything, birthday or just an anniversary. If it’s a casual party then go shine on, wear whatever you want. I think occasions like this gives the most space to be creative. Maroon Terry Rayon Suit or Blue Terry Rayon Suit From Van Heusen are one of those suits that fits the narrative.


All the recommended Suits are available on limeroad for a much discounted price.

How To Buy Your Suit

Limeroad makes it easy with its various filters and sorting out option so you can find your fit within minutes if you know what you are looking for. If not,you are more than welcome to use the search option to discover suits. What to keep in mind-


  • Budget: One should be aware of his pocket expense and the amount he can put to buy the suit. Be aware of suit quality and material for the respective price. There are expensive synthetic suits with glued front chest piece and front of the jacket, chances are high that they might wear off with dry frequent wash and dry cleaning. Also there are synthetic fabric that blends like the quality fabric for the jacket. Expensive suits have quality fabrics with half/full canvas chest piece. But with Limeroad, you can go a little easy on your pocket with great discounts.


  • Frequency/Occasion : How often you are going to wear the suit and on what occasion?  Ask this yourself twice every time you try a suit. As already established, you need different suits for different occasions. You can alternatively style your one suit accordingly to get the best out of your investment.


  • Fabric: Fabric can make the suit look differently. So you should know what you want if you are particular about the clothes you wear. Cotton suits if it’s casual, polyester blend for combination finish, rayon for the classy look and not to forget considered the best fabric when it comes to suits.

How To Style Your Suit

Once you have chosen your pick, it’s important to choose the shirt and accessories that might go with your suit.


  • Shirts: This is the most important part after choosing the accessory. You should choose shirt according to your suit color. White goes perfect with black or grey Suit. Grey goes with white or brown suits. More Colorful shirts goes with metallic/pattern/floral suits. Shirt are actually a part of your suit so it is important to pick a compatible shirt.


  • Bow or Tie: Tie is advisable if the event is formal. Nothing can a top a tie in such case but if it’s a party you are free to choose between a tie or bow or even go without any of them to get a little rugged look.


  • Socks: Another garment that’s important to your look, the color and the pattern should be chosen as per your shoes and suit. Patterned Socks are to be considered if the patterns colors are included in your outfit. Do not go for the same color as your suit.


  • Shoes: Talking about socks,shoes are really important. I mean you can’t just got with casual shoes on suit,right? Usually the shoes people wear with Suits are oxford shoes or loafers, one can experiment but there is a little to no window for that. Preferred colors are black and brown.


  • Watch: It’s a must to complete a man’s look. Go Analog if formal or choose between digital and analog for other occasions according to your suit. With so many watches to choose from,it’s not gonna be a difficult task.


  • Ring: It is not a necessary accessories to carry but if it’s a wedding or any ethnic occasion it adds the spark to your attire, be it gold,platinum or diamond. Be sure to choose a bigger ring although it goes without saying that rings for men are usually bigger. If you want more than one stone on your hand then try to play it right with sets of rings.


  • Pocket Square: Don’t let your suit pocket go in vain, add a classy touch with pocket square that peeks out a little and give your look a charming makeover.


We hope this helped you choose your desired suit and by now you are on your way to the shopping cart on limeroad. If you are then, Happy Checkout!


Frequently asked questions
What is a three-piece Suit?
A three-piece suit is the kind of clothing consisting a set of three garments made up of the same material and is usually of the same colour. The jacket and trousers have an additional waistcoat that one is suppose to wear in the inside, over the shirt.
1 answers
Is it okay to wear this Suit for an official meeting?
It absolutely is. It in fact will enhance your personality and add a tad of the feeling of authority. More suitably, be in the outfit if you are to give a presentation before the bosses; more than your verbal communication, the physical look of yours will impress them.
1 answers
Which color suit should I buy?
Black and grey are undeniably the decent colours. Some even prefer maroon and violet colours, which strictly is allowed only outside office. Choose which situation you are to be and make your decision!
1 answers
Can the waist coat be of a different colour than the blazer?
It can be, but it wouldn’t be that good a combination as when both the suit pieces will be of the same hue. Wedding suits usually have an ornamented and a typical variation in the colour of the blazers than the waistcoats underneath.
1 answers
How do I dress-up with a Suit on?
Perfectly washed and pressed, suits have to deliver the natural and decent look that they are suppose to render. With the outfit, put on a pair of matching derbies, neatly polished. Gel your hair a bit, and comb tidy.
1 answers
Can I accessorize the outfit?
Of course you can. Own beautiful sets of neck-tie, tie clips, lapel pins, cufflinks and pocket squares. These attire enhancers will add extra charm to your persona and furnish an elitist sight to the eyes of the beholders.
1 answers
Which brand should I buy a suit from?
Limeroad presents you collections from big brands across the world like Van Heusen and Peter England. Own Suits of this tag and there will not be a moment of regret ever in your decision.
1 answers
Is it mandatory to wear a tie?
Nothing is mandatory. It is up to you what you choose to wear. It can also be a bow instead of a neck-tie. But a neck-tie with a proper Windsor knot will give you the formal look that a bow cannot.
1 answers
Can I wear trousers of a different color?
You could do that if you choose to not wear the waist coat beneath. But if you do, it is advisable to put on the same colour trousers to present an elegant look on a formal function.
1 answers
s it suitable to wear 3 piece Suit at my wedding reception?
Yes, wear the three piece suit bought from Limeroad at exclusively amazing rate and let the gathering drool over your costume. Do not forget to add the embellishments, that will simply multiply the envy of the fellow men!
1 answers