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Buy abstract paintings for home kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Abstract Painting


Abstract paintings are a mirror of visual delights. These paintings contain power, limitations and extraordinary freedom. Abstract  art is the reflection of chaotic patterns.

Abstract art is also called as non objective art or non representational art, painting. Sculpture, graphic art in which the portrayal of things from the real world plays no part. Artists use abstract elements like form,color,line,tone and texture in abstract paintings. Abstract painting can be the combination of two or three elements.


Jackson Pollock –Action Painter is very much famous for his paintings and he started his art movement of abstract expressionism which was accepted by the people as a mainstream  painting trend.

Abstract paintings is considered as puzzled and confused art by lots of people but those who get its language never really doubt its value and achievements.


The real colors are always used in abstract paintings and the essence of this is very different as  what we get from the inkjet printer or pixel. These paintings show the real world to us in a manner that’s why they come into the picture.

These paintings are very much different from the technology we people use to bring the real  attraction to some kind of painting.


There are many types of abstract paintings


  1. UV textured abstract painting.

  2. Satin matt abstract painting.

  3. Large synthetic painting.


All of these paintings are available at limeroad at reasonable prices.


Abstract art is not about detailing some kind of picture but it is creating an atmosphere, a situation .


Abstract paintings are considered as  the purest form ,as it allows the artist to visualize and create any of random thing without any objectivity.


These painting allow the artist to play with the designs and colors and creating such type of picture that provokes the emotions itself.


Abstract art is often considered as a moral dimension in a way that it only symbolizes purity, soberness, emotions, spirituality. So , if you really have  the artist inside of you which only like abstract paintings, then you can go for this art and decorate your home, offices, bedrooms with these paintings. Shop these only on limeroad.