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Buy action shoes slippers for men in India @ Limeroad

Action slippers


What one needs is a partner that's always on the move, that tracks your every move, just right and smartly too. And that's exactly the inspiration behind our trendy footwear slipper collection from action shoes. Ultimate in design, comfort, and fit. Action shoes not only look good but also are good for your feet. Each Action product is the manifestation of our high standards of workmanship, access to latest technology. That's how Action is synonymous with maximum quality and performance and of course that essential look. So get into Action. And feel free to walk on the rough roads of life. Surely you'll be the winner.


We all love to try something new in footwear and indoor footwear are as much important as the outdoor footwear. Everyone should have a pair of slippers which can be worn indoor so our feet remain soft and feel comfortable.

Why opt for Action in slippers?

We all are aware of the action shoes footwear, a renowned brand for men women and children footwear. So if you're looking for something comfy for your feet it's time to check the action slippers on LimeRoad. Action slippers are a treat for your feet.


Action shoes offers a wide range of slippers for men. Which are made available by LimeRoad so that you can get your favourite pair of slippers sitting at your home and anywhere anytime.


There are lots of reasons to wear action slippers! They can improve grip, keeping you safer around the home, provide warmth & comfort, and also save your socks from excessive wear. They will keep your feet nice and warm without having to put the heating up sky high, and having warm feet helps you to feel warm all over. Slippers are mostly worn in the home, but if they have hard soles many of us are guilty of popping outside in them from time to time!

About The Brand

Action Group is an industrial conglomerate and manufacturer of the Action Shoes brand.


Action Shoes is India's one of the leading footwear brand of regular wear footwear and school children footwear. Action shoes has further so many brands under it.

As their tagline itself says life is all action. So if you are looking for some really comfortable and good slipper product you should have you hands on the action slippers on LimeRoad. You must check out the action slippers from the action shoes, that are a must have for fitness conscious men . They are a perfect blend of style, comfort ,and stability .These slippers would surely improve your performance.


LimeRoad offers a wide variety of slippers for indoor as well as outdoor. They have different colour schemes from black to brown to whites to blue with different patterns. They also have a great range of different types of slippers. The leather slippers are must have for every man.


Action slippers are a perfect blend of high quality craftsmanship and comfort. Slide into the action slippers and keep looking stylish. They are also budget friendly and can be easily ordered.