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Buy Adidas Backpacks in India @ Limeroad

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Adidas Backpacks


Backpacks are a pivotal accessory for many folks such as working professionals, school chaps, bikers and many more. While the idea of strapping your gear to your back is much ancient deal than we can say, the Adidas contemporary students backpack is quite modern.


A 44-year-old bag type has seen many new whims and changes in a short span of time. From leather straps to floral packs, the look at how students and professionals have carried their bag packed is different from what is there in old time.


Backpacks are like an easy vessel in a strap of leather or cloth (basically a belt) that can be easily fastened around your back books to make them easier to carry. The Straps used are stable and remain firm to make it easy and comfortable to carry the load.


Evolution Of Adidas Backpacks


The evolution of Adidas backpacks from a simple strap to multiple locks or back-to-school simple backpacks have been substantially improved both in material and on quality terms.


The modern-day Adidas backpacks overthrow the old notion and reveal that backpacks are much more than just carrying the heavy books: they’re also a symbol of changing demands of pupils and for the education pattern as a whole.


Adidas Backpacks


Adidas has always given emphasis on compacted material with absolute classy look and associated accessory. One of the most trusted and long tenure brand, Adidas, has remained a major company in the world of apparel and merchandises.


Adidas makes firm bags, quality shoes and yes, of course, the much-needed backpacks. It uses its material in international competition and by many countries and regions in the world. The brand has been an innovator in the realm of footwear for the sport, with extraordinary examples in other areas also. Including the day back style shoes or the modern day backpacks. The release of the backpacks has gained immense love from all over the world. Moulded shapes different colour used for everyday work on firm dry pitches. It holds the accolade of the best selling backpacks of all time. The soft-ground equivalent company has made its name in the area of bags, accessory, and backpacks as well.


The Variety At LimeRoad


The Adidas brand has a solidified range of backpacks which are really stern and can be used for both professional and personal purposes.


Scroll through the exciting range of backpack that Adidas offers, shop at Limeroad to get them all.


  • Adidas gym bag
  • Adidas soccer backpack
  • Adidas originals backpack
  • Adidas laptop backpack
  • Adidas backpack for women
  • Adidas rose gold backpack
  • Adidas mesh backpack

Not only this but there are hundreds of variations from different colour to style, stern to hand backpack with varied versions. Browse through LimeRoad’s section of backpacks, choose for men, women or kids get those exciting range of Adidas backpack all in your bucket.