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Buy adidas dufflebag for men in India @ Limeroad

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Adidas Duffle Bags

Travelling and a trip to the gym involves a bit of packing. Everyone hates the struggle of carrying loads of stuff on their plane or even to their car.


A bag is a feature that speaks about your eminence. It shows whether you are a minimalistic techno-user, operating on an iPad or if you are more of a backpack person.

Adidas: Impossible is Nothing

Adidas is an international corporation founded in Germany. It is the largest brand in the whole of Europe and also the second largest in the world. It manufactures and sells a wide range of clothing and sportswear. The apparel range varies from men’s and women’s t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, leggings and track pants.


The brand is also an official sponsor of UEFA Champions League, New York Yankees, IPL Teams and USA Olympic team members. Adidas is growing in North America and it is only a matter of time before it dominates all over India.


They give the public what they are looking for; Be it the athletic-inspired lifestyle running shoes that the customers are ravaging through or the stylish pieces for the teens that are out there making a statement.


When you’re looking for a duffel bag, you would want to be sure about the occasion you’re going to use it for. You could use an Adidas Duffle bag for two purposes.




  • The capacity of the duffle bag is an important factor to consider when you want to travel with it. You need to make sure it can fit at most seventy-percent of the things you are supposed to take with you.
  • If you’re going away for a shorter period of time, it is best to take a smaller duffle bag to minimise the space occupied by it. You could be allowed to carry your duffle bag along with you on the flight if it is not too big. That would be another advantage of buying a small Adidas duffle bag.
  • Adidas has the best duffle bags that are suitable for travelling that would fit in your overhead compartment while you fly. This would cut down the cost of booking in your luggage to the airline hold.



  • With people becoming more health-conscious, everyone is rushing to gyms. A gym used to be just a room filled with weights. It has evolved into so much more.
  • Initially, a bag with adequate space to stuff a pair of shoes, a change of clothes and a towel, was called a gym bag. But we all know, that it won’t be enough now.
  • You can easily find a huge collection of gym and training duffle bags on Limeroad. A lot of colours, sizes and shapes are available on the shopping site.

Play with the Colours

When it comes to colour, you would want to make sure that the bag matches your wardrobe. Neutral colours like black, brown, navy blue, gray and white go with nearly everything stocked up in your closet.


Adidas also sells maroon duffle bags. So, if you want a little colour in your life, you could buy it. You might want to make sure that you have an outfit that would go with maroon before you purchase the bag.

There you go! This must have convinced you to buy a duffle bag from Adidas. You shouldn’t waste time now. Limeroad has new offers every day. You wouldn’t want to miss the amazing deals.