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Buy Baltra Kitchen Appliance For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Baltra Kitchen Appliance

When it comes to investing in kitchen and home appliances, people always look for the trusted brands which completes their purpose of purchase at an affordable price. Baltra is one such trust raised which presents you with their wide variety of kitchen appliances to serve your needs and surpass your everyday chores. Starting in 1994 from a small name to a big brand, they've expanded their horizon ranging from glassware to electric appliances adhering to national and international quality standards. This brand is endorsed with quality standards and certificates like ISI, CE & ISO:9001:2008.

Their products are user friendly, worth the value with their service network spread all over the country.

Steam/Dry Iron

A heating device used to remove wrinkles from clothes. Its name originates from the material used to make it i.e. Iron. Earlier when there was no concept of electricity, coal was used to heat the heavy  machine and press the clothes to remove all the creases. But with advancement in technology and introduction of new techniques, light weighted irons were crafted. Steam and dry irons are the products available in the baltra kitchen appliance range wherein both are used to serve the purpose but with a little difference. Wherein dry iron is in direct contact with the cloth, steam iron uses the concept of steam water to iron the clothes. Both are used for their indivisual type of cloth material.


Rice Cooker

Now you can stay free from a regular check on your rice being overcooked or undercooked. These rice cookers are the ultimate solution to this problem. It comes with an automated process of balancing the heat and time to cook the perfect rice which on the traditional method requires a constant human monitoring to it. Once you put in the right amount of water and rice, it requires no further attention. It comes in different variants depending upon the quantity of rice to be cooked.

Juicer-Mixer Grinder

Gone are the days when making juices and grinding was a tedious and time consuming task. With the 2 in 1 juicer mixer grinder, this has become a game of seconds wherein even small kids can do it with an ease. All you need to do is plug in the device, add the fruits to jar, turn the knob and the magic begins. Get the tasty and fresh fruit juice in just minutes with this device. Not only this, now extract fresh tomato puree using the grinder jar. This device comes with different jars for different work modes- small jars for grinding little amount and big jars for puree, sauce or chutney.


Running out of gas in cylinders ? Well we got you covered with our range of induction cooktop. All you need to do is plug in this electricity driven appliance and you are good to go. Do remember one thing that it requires special utensils which have induction supported base and can be used in both induction as well as your regular gas stove. They are noise free and the heat generated from this cooktop is very less as compared to gas stoves which results in rise of temperature in the kitchen and nearby surroundings.

Roti Maker

While the traditional method might be giving you a hard time to get a perfect circular shape, this roti makes has put an ease to your task. All you need to do is just put a small piece of dough in the machine, wait for about 40 seconds and you get steaming hot roti prepared in just seconds. Not only this, this gives you a perfect round shape in just no time.

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