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Buy batman tees & tops for girls in India @ Limeroad

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Batman T-shirts For Girls


Gone are the days when fashion was a belonging of the adults only. The modern fashion culture has united all the age groups into a single community of customers who seek freshness in their looks.

Today kids are considered as the future heirs of fashion; hence, the parents foresee to dress their children up with a touch of elegance. This has triggered the Kids’ Fashion market to expand. Cheers to all the little fashion-seekers!!


Why choose it for your Little Girl?


Little girls like fearless, brave and ready-go-adventurous heroic characters. Batman is such a hero. This character is loved by kids all over the world. Keeping in mind these small batman-lovers, the batman t-shirts are exclusively designed.

Batman is loved by children so much that they often try to imitate him. Possibility is that your girl has already put forward a demand for Batman mask or Batman cape! And you have probably denied because she cannot wear it all the time.

No worries parents! The Batman t-shirt is here for you. She can wear it all day and feel like a superhero.


And this is how to pair it?


  • Batman t-shirts can be made more interesting by adding to it, some batman accessories and printed footwear. Market lets you find a perfect accessory for your little Batgirl.
  • In bottomwear you can pick solid black pants or a printed pair of printed pants.

             Colours, Fabrics and Patterns are all Specially chosen

  • Children’s skin is more sensitive than that of grown-ups. Hence, the fabric chosen for them are very soft, comfortable and breathable.
  • Colours and patterns of the Batman T-shirts are all batman inspired. But that does not limit your selection for sure. You can still choose your personal favourite for your kid from different graphics and patterns available.
  • There are collections which let you choose the sleeve style of the batman T-shirt. Full sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, half sleeves and sleeveless are different options to choose from.

Limeroad because your Baby Girl deserves the Best


At Limeroad, you can surf not only clothes for yourself but for your little angel too. The Kids section of Limeroad contains hundreds of varieties of clothes for your kid.

  • Best fabrics to keep your child’s skin safe and comfortable. The kids’ section is full of quality fabrics which is weaved carefully keeping in mind the children’s skin.
  • Colours and patterns are available in bulk so that you can choose the best for your kid. Limeroad won’t stop here, the colours and patterns are designed keeping in mind the child psychology. For you should give your child only what suits his/her looks and catches his/her eyes too.
  • You get all these benefits without compromising on your budget. The best prices, exciting offers and frequent sales are all by your side.


            So, select only what is best for your child! Switch to Limeroad.