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Buy bedroom curtains for home kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Bedroom Curtains


If you’re moving into a new house or renovating your existing home, there’s one thing of your decor that you simply can’t ignore, that are the curtains.  Curtains are one of the crucial elements that set the complete mood of the room. From light and breezy to substantial and ornamental, from solid-colored pieces to bold prints, from sheer fabrics to heavy opaque ones – the combinations are endless to give your bedroom a makeover. LimeRoad has all the varieties of curtains to choose from to complete you room decor.


Curtain Headings


Basically, a curtain heading is the top piece of the curtain that attaches to the curtain and rod. The heading style you choose can dramatically change the overall look of curtain and will influence the overall look of your bedroom. Widely there are 3 types:


Eyelet: Eyelet curtains are very fashionable and make a deep folds to the fabric, which run straight and stiff in uniform lines from top to bottom. Eyelet curtains have an even number of holes with metal eyelets that are inserted onto the curtain rod.


Tab top: Tab top curtains have a several number of loops in which are spaced evenly across the top. The curtain rod is inserted through the loops. This heading style is best used on sheer or decorative curtains that are rarely opened.


Rod pocket: Rod can be gathered to suit a range of rod width. A pocket runs along the whole width of the curtain through which the rod can be inserted. Rod pocket curtains are difficult to open and close so are best suited for decorative purposes where they will not be open and closed very often.


The material plays a important role in the look of the curtains and ultimately, the room. Each fabric falls differently from an elevation and therefore will look different when put on the curtain rod. From sheer lace fabrics to lightweight cotton, light brocades to heavy velvet fabrics, you have plenty to choose from. The two important points to keep in mind while picking a curtain are:


1.     The amount of sunlight you want in your room.


2.     The mood and decor of your room.


Curtain fabrics can be of two nature: sheer and blackout. Sheer curtains are great to brighten your bedroom, spreading light and airy atmosphere. Sheer curtains, also called semi-sheer draperies, allow light to enter and silhouettes can be visible of the thing, hence provide limited privacy.


They can be mix and matched with heavy fabrics to create a layering effect. Common fabrics are polyester, poly silk, silk, light cotton etc. Blackout curtains helps to completely block light to enter the room and reduce outside noise as well, these are also good for winter season. Black-out fabrics are polyester, jacquard, heavy weight cotton and linen.


Color And Patterns

The color of your curtains should perfectly blend with the rest of your furnishings. You can either choose curtains that coordinates with the decor or contrast with it. For a soothing look to your bedroom, choose curtain in a color that complement the colors of your walls as well. And if you want the curtains to be the focus of your room, pick a color that contrasts with the furniture, other furnishings and walls.


Also, if all your other soft furnishings in the room are in the solid color, selecting a printed curtain is a popular choice. The opposite holds true as well. One interesting thing about prints is that they  add visual weight to any element and to overall look of your room. There is a variety to choose ranging from quirky prints and geometric patterns to florals which will suit modern classic and traditional decor.


Bedroom curtains has the potential to completely change the appearance of your room. Select a bedroom curtain keeping in mind the theme of your bedroom and colour of wall and bed covers. LimeRoad has all varieties of bedroom curtains to choose from, browse through and find the one you are looking for!