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Buy Bell Sleeves Sweatshirts For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Bell Sleeves Sweatshirts For Women

Digging through your wardrobe, can't find anything perfect to dress upon. Well, we have those days in life when we keep on gazing the closet yet unsuccessful in grabbing the perfect outfit. And with the entering of winters, this problem comes with extended iterations. Ever wondered why you have nothing stylish to wear? Why can't you look as fashionable as you look when the sun is scorching. The blissful weather and the beautiful scenario yet unable to make the perfect look, sad enough?


It's Time For Some Retail Therapy

Need not think twice to wear bell sleeves to a casual dinner date or a day out in the city. This style of the sweatshirt is usually baggy, flared and has wide, long sleeves. Invented by the Japanese notion of "one-mile wear," bell sleeve clothes is a collection for all the stuff you do close to home—the post-office hangs, the nearby coffee strolls, the lounge races. Made of smooth fabrics in sleek patterns, it's your new weekend-starts-now outfit. Take this bell-sleeve sweatshirt with the staple, perfectly pair leggings, skinny jeans and beyond.


The Flared-Glared Bell

The trend of sweatshirts often admired is the one which never goes out of fashion. Because of its comfort and coast look sweatshirt is the basic, loveable and the most stylish outfit of winter. And when this basic warm Erick comes with modification and added motifs, what could be better than this. when it comes to trends, the sweatshirt s in the always the talk of the town. While Fashionistas have always been coming up with fresh and exciting silhouettes, it’s also nice to see more sober weeks. The bell sleeve is an excellent example, it’s not a complete overhaul of a dress, just a simple element that takes an outfit up to a notch. While bell sleeves are not exactly a  recent idea, but it’s always enjoyed to see them re-created from previous iterations in different designs and on unexpected clothes.


Highly fashionable sleeve style, “bell sleeve" look even more theatrical with a complex outfit that functioned as both a sweater and shirt.


A bell sleeve can be either long or short, however, in sweatshirts, the sleeves are usually long and set softly into the armscye without any pleating. The sleeves flare toward the bottom of the hand and look really stylish when worn in winter conquering the regular ideas. Bell sleeves have really good flares which end anywhere near to the wrist. Flared sleeves give more sky-high feeling and they are so light, as you almost feel like dancing. Women love this pattern of the sweatshirt as it's not so conventional and set aside them from being an average diva.


The butterfly look sweatshirt looks really stunning on women with short stature and slim appearance. Its an added advantage to them as the flare is wide from the elbow making their arms looking slightly long. Yet it is not limited to them as it comes in different sizes and colour so all ladies can look really ideal wearing them on top. The effect of the sweatshirt is similar to a bell in its shape. The sleeve is relatively wide to the wrist then the arms and is not gathered or have pleats into both the armhole and at the bottom.


Perfect For Winters

In these cool months, we expect to see the ladies donning the vibrant colours, jazzing up their dresses with pretty shoes and bringing floral into fall. But how about adding great looks in extreme winters? While we are excited to try new trends,  there always something pops in our mind, will it keep equally warm as the high fur coats do. Excited to know the good draws of Bell sleeve sweatshirt?


With minimal design the bell sleeves sweatshirt provides warmness along with the stylish looks. The sleeves are narrowed near to the wrist then the flares starts. For which you don't feel really cold and don't compromise the looks either.


What The Fashionistas Say

The women favorite that continues its flavour is the bell sleeve. “Designers have taken a firm hold of the bell sleeve silhouette, and they are not letting go anytime soon, “Adding volume to the arms is a fun way to create an illusion of being tall.


Even casual sweatshirt have embraced the bell sleeve trend. So whether you are running errands, meeting the gals for dinner or simply heading to work, you can carry this look during the day. “The dramatic stomped bell sleeves revitalize a regular day staple,”.


Get Separated Feminine Tops

Buy products related to bell sleeve sweatshirt and see what ladies have to say about this trend. Combining together the everyday street style and catwalk trends, Limeroad is the perfect mix of stunning fashion and great value. From females separates to head-turning date-night outfits and trendy sweatshirts, Limeroad will help you master the art of occasion dressing.

Frequently asked questions
How are bell sleeves different from the regular sleeves?
Regular sleeves can be of any type, from short to half, long to flouncy and can be straight either. Bell sleeves are somewhat different as they are not straight but have flares at the bottom of the elbow. They resemble the shape of a bell, and are wide from the elbow or or the wrist thus absolutely stunning option for fashion forwarded people.
1 answers
What are the available option in clothing that have bell sleeves?
With the rage in fashion industry, a lot many variety of garments are available in bell sleeves. From tops to jackets, sweatshirts to hoodies. Even though the all time favourite crop tops are available in bell sleeves.This style have now introduced in winter clothes either. Various styles of sweatshirts, with wool or fleece as a base material seems to be really gorgeous.
1 answers
Do bell sleeves sweatshirt give the same amount of warmth as the regular ones?
The flares at the bottom is questionable whether it can provide warmness or not as it is open from the bottom of the elbow. Well you don’t need to worry about as the sleeves are wide from the elbow and are completely covered from the shoulder till the elbow. No amount of air will be able to make entry into the sleeves.You can absolutely wear it without being feel chilly.
1 answers
What are the occasion where the bell sleeves sweatshirt for women can be worn?
Sweatshirts are usually worn in casual occasions however the bell sleeves are quite fashionable and that type of sweatshirts can be worn in parties, club soirees or in informal meetings. Though its your personal choice however the bell sleeves sweatshirts are not recommended for formal events as they are relaxed in appearance.
1 answers
How we can carry bell sleeves sweatshirt, what can be teamed with it?
Bell sleeves sweatshirt are very much versatile in their look. They can be pair with skinny jeans if are loose fitted, and with perfect fit if are of the same size the body frame. Some sweatshirts are short in size and can be paired with high waist absolute size jeans.
1 answers
What if the bell sleeves are too long, won’t they look quite absurd?
Bell sleeves by very nature of its look are long in size, so any women can wear it. But this doesn’t mean that it is bigger than your hands, they are designed in such a way that they don’t look long on you. They come according to the size of the waist and are usually of perfect fit.
1 answers
Does bell sleeves sweatshirt look out of fashion?
Absolutely not! After the conversation with various fashionistas their words doesn’t defy the possibility of bell sleeves to leave the battle. They quoted that the bell sleeves have long way to go, will be offered in various version of it in the upcoming fashion era, they aren’t going anytime soon”.
1 answers
Are bell sleeves flattering?
They are usually not. However it depends on the fabric used. If it’s cotton you need to iron it every time you wear it as it looses it shape and need to be press. If its satin or velvet look or slik type cloth it hardly gets flatter and can be worn any number of times without being ironed.
1 answers
Can we wear bell sleeves even to work?
You can wear it to any professional occasion whether it is an office meeting or official trips don’t need to hesitate if you are carrying it. However, you need to give attention that in what garment you are wearing bell sleeves. For example you cannot wear it in sweatshirts of cotton tops they doesn’t look professional enough. You can choose any decent top or jacket with those sleeves.
1 answers
How to shorten bell sleeves?
Well, it is quite difficult to draft bell sleeves as the flare at the end is not proportional to the sleeve above the wrist region. However if you want to make it shorten here are few tips to and steps to follow. Spread your bell sleeve piece properly and mark 1’’ to both the sleeves. Cut the section above the arm region and keep to aside. Now with the arm cutting take out the bell sleeve portion. See your piece you have now have the length of the sleeves. Join the bell sleeve to the piece. Sew it well and make sure you don’t overlook the sides. This is how you can draft your bell sleeve at home, pay attention so that you don’t harm yourself.
1 answers