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Buy Black Casual Shoes For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Black Casual Shoes For Women

Buy Comfy Black Casual Shoes for Women

A collection of trendy clothes alone is not enough for a fashionable wardrobe; special attention must be given to footwear. A pair of sandals in different colors may add beauty to the traditional outfits, but for a stylish and a modern look, the casual shoes will be the best pick for women.

An endless collection of casual shoes are available for women in all the popular brands like Reebok, Puma, Nike, etc. Without any doubt, the casual shoes can be worn for everyday events and occasions. Though an unlimited collection of casual shoes are available for women, the black casual shoes hold a special place because it accentuates and gives a sparkling outlook.

Women’s shoe closet will be incomplete without black casual shoes. Shop the best black casual shoes for women and fill your closet with the latest and trendy styles of footwear.

Modish Designs Of Casual Shoes For Women

Casual shoes for women include different styles of footwear with heels and without heels and can be worn for daily use. As per your personal style, you can select the best casual shoes from a wide variety of stylish casual shoes placed under the footwear section.  

Some of the most popular types of casual shoes for women are ballerinas, wedges, boots, loafers, mules, sneakers and canvas shoes.

  • Ballerinas: Ballerinas are flat type designer shoes with unique design and printed patterns over it. It is available in bright colors and it gives a classy look while wearing.
  • Wedges: Wedges are shoes with wedge-shaped high heels and are comfortable to wear.
  • Boots: Ankle length boots are stylish, thick boots that come till the knee-length and can be worn along with winter outfits.
  • Loafers and Mules: Loafers are semi-casual shoes without laces. Mules are shoes with closed front and opened back which gives a tight grip while walking.
  • Sneakers and Canvas: Sneakers and Canvas shoes are sportier in look and are available in different colors, designs and patterns. It is the most popular and widely used casual shoes for women which give a dashing look while pairing with jeans.

Style Tips to Pair Black Casual Shoes for Women

Black Casual Shoes add extra elegance to your style and can be paired with both formal and casual outfits.

Follow the styling tips for women’s casual shoes to look stylish and modern.

  1. Team your black ballerina shoes, wedge heels or high-heeled sandals with red, blue, green or yellow skirt and a sleeveless black top for a glamorous look.
  2. Black pumps suit well for denim blue or grey skinny jeans with a deep neck top and a jacket.
  3. Black Chelsea boots look more fabulous over skinny jeans when paired up with a slim fit top and a black blazer.
  4. Match your black sneakers with denim cut-offs, loose pants, leggings, jeans, joggers and skirts from your wardrobe for a gorgeous outlook.
  5. For summer outings and adventurous trips, you can pick your black canvas shoes and pair it with denim shorts or jeans for a comfortable day out. The canvas shoes can also be worn while doing workouts, yoga or any physical exercises.
  6. For a cool and a relaxed look, match your black sneakers with an oversized white t-shirt and light blue denim shorts.


Black casual shoes are an ideal choice for women because it can be easily paired with all outfits in the closet. Shop the best black casual shoes for women from LimeRoad and update your footwear shelf with fashionable black casual shoes.

Frequently asked questions
What are the casual shoes for women?
Casual shoes are stylish footwear types that can be worn for casual and formal events with any outfits. An unlimited collection of casual shoes are available for women in different materials, sized, patterns, designs and styles. It includes footwear with heels and without heels. Some of the most popular casual shoes for women are ballerinas, wedges, loafers, ballet pump, sneakers, boots, mules and canvas shoes.
1 answers
What are business casual shoes for women?
As far as business casual shoes are concerned, women have a lot of great options. Wedges, boots, flats, slingbacks, pumps and ballerinas are the casual shoes that fit perfectly with business casual attire. The business casual shoes can be paired with formal pants and skirts, to give a cool, professional outlook. Boots can also be preferred for work environment as it extends an executive image.
1 answers
Do sneakers work for formal events?
Sneakers are not appropriate for formal events because it offers a cool and classy style which may not be suitable for formal or business events. A tailored dress with high-heeled ballerinas or wedges will be perfect for formal events. You can wear your sneakers for summer outings and beach parties.
1 answers
What is the casual dress code for women?
The casual dress code purely relies on the comfort of an individual. For a relaxed and casual image, you can go in jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Ripped jeans and oversized t-shirts with canvas shoes or sneakers gives a stylish and a casual outlook. Flat wedges, slip-on and loafers can also be considered while dressing for informal events. For a chic look, you can pick your skirt and short-sleeved tops or button-up shirts with high-heeled sandals or ballet pumps.
1 answers
What are the best casual shoes for winter?
One of the best casual shoes for women to wear during the winter is boots. Knee high boots, ankle length boots, cowboy boots, fringed boots are some common boots for women. If the weather is cold, you can pair your leather boots with jeans, leggings, flowing dress, slim fit dresses, frocks and short dresses to look gorgeous. Ankle length boots with tights give a warm dynamic look in the winter.
1 answers
How to style black sneakers for women?
Black sneakers provide a dashing style with jeans, skirts and shorts. You can pair your black sneakers with navy blue ripped jeans, a white t-shirt and a navy blue blazer for a funky, relaxed outlook. Black sneakers when paired with a black shift dress, bodycon dress, miniskirts and skinny jeans elevates the beauty of women and gives a super cool look. Black sneakers work well with black, navy blue, light blue denim and grey-colored bottoms.
1 answers
What casual shoes look good for skirts?
Generally, skirts are of different lengths, patterns and colors, so you should pick shoes that give a good match to your skirt. Sneakers, strappy heels, canvas shoes or heeled sandals are the common casual shoes which can be worn with skirts. For a pencil skirt, you can wear strappy heels or mules. A pair of seasonable flats will be a perfect match for a wrap skirt. High heeled boots with laces give a stunning image when paired with miniskirts. Flat sandals and sneakers will be a good choice for midi skirts and high-heeled sandals for maxi skirts.
1 answers
How to wear black ballet flats?
Black ballet flats always give a classic look when paired with skirts and skinny jeans. It works well on 7/8 length light blue denim pants when compared to full-length pants. To show your leg longer, you can wear ballet flats with short skirts, short dresses and denim shorts. Black ballet flats give a distinct look when worn with yellow, blue, green or red colored midi and long length skirts.
1 answers
How to style black pumps?
Black pumps go stylish with various clothes in your wardrobe. It gives a chic look when paired with pencil skirts, jumpsuits, long formal dresses, cigarette pants and casual jeans. For a casual look, wear denim jeans with white tops or shirts along with a pair of glamorous black pumps. It looks more appropriate with party wears and can be worn for various occasions.
1 answers
What are the best fashionable travel shoes for women?
Give importance to comfort instead of fashion while picking up travel shoes. For greater comfort and style, you can prefer flats, casual sneakers and athletic shoes. Boots and athletic shoes will be a great pick for hiking and trekking. Flats, sneakers and sandals give a comfortable feeling and are good for city travel.
1 answers