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Buy Black Loafers For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Black Loafers For Women

When we hear word “loafers” ,it makes us feel relaxed. In dictionary itself, loafing means laze or lounge.  Similarly, loafer shoes are mostly considered as casual or informal wear. Like, wearing them at home or dine-out or casual outing. But, now the trends have changed. Like, how the ergonomics of a workplace has changed. Like, Google offices. They have a relaxed work environment- like, swimming pools & billiards table within the office premises; hammocks instead of office chair and table; theme-based cubicles; etc., All these amenities are provided, so that the employees are super motivated and the productivity increase.


Similarly, the world of shoes have changed. Now, it's more of “Be Yourself” trend statement. That is why, now, most of the people have started wearing Loafers to their workplace or for any formal occasion.


Origin Of Loafers


History of Loafers Likely said, every historical creations have a humble beginning and a great story to be told. Similarly, our trendy shoes- Loafers, has such a historical story hidden behind its creation. This informal shoes- Loafers, can be called by many names slip-on, lace less shoes, weejuns, etc., As per, common knowledge Loafers are mostly known as a part of American Culture. But, the real fact is that, this shoes was first created in London and back then it was not called Loafers, but, 582 or Wildsmith shoes. Its humble, yet, royal beginning , was in a bespoke shoe company.


In the year, 1920, Raymond Lewis Wildsmith, of Wildsmith shoes designed these shoes for King George VI, for his casual house use. Thereon, this shoes design spread all over the London market, and London shoe makers started marketing and selling this shoe design. Then, in the year 1930, a Norwegian shoemaker - Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger of Aurland village, designed a new shoe known as “Aurland Moccasins”or “Aurland Shoe “. This was also, another name for our present day Loafers. This Norwegian shoemaker, got the idea for his design from the Norwegian fishermen. And, this shoe was mostly used for outdoor purposes.


Thereafter, an article regarding the Norwegian shoemaking was published in a popular men's magazine- Esquire. Some photographs of the article had Norwegian farmers in the cattle loafing area. Hence, this shoe design derived its name- “Loafers”.


In the year ,1936, G. H. Bass of Wilton, Maine, launched a new design of Loafers, called ‘Weejuns “to show its Norwegian background. Hereafter, this design of shoes became very much in trend, among US prep school students. The design of Weejuns, was as such, that, these school students started keeping pennies, under the saddle slot of their loafer shoes. From then on, these loafers were also known as “Penny Loafers “.


In the year 1966, Italian Designer Gucci , made these casual shoes usable, as a formal wear too. He just added a metal strap across the front part of the shoe in the form of horse’s snaffle bit. Till , this present day, loafers are mostly called as “Gucci Shoes”. Gucci Shoes has created a brand name for loafers.


Varieties Of Loafers


As years passed by, Loafers was recreated in many more versions. Some had rugged versions like moccasins or espadrilles which were flat loafers , one without heels. Then there was Kilted version, which had Kilt style over the vamp of the flap. Sometimes, those kilts had tassels or lace. Then, there were loafers with tassels in front. Some loafer designs had bow, and it was called “Belgian Loafers” and it became instant hit.


And thus, a simple casual shoe, created for the gentry, became a fashion trend forever.

Black Loafers for Women Black defines Elegancy, Boldness, Uniqueness,etc., Black is a universal colour , and, the shoes of this colour can match with anything. And, Black Loafers creation, takes us way back to 1930, when Aurland Shoes were created. The creator of Aurland shoes Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger made his shoes in natural colour, then later he painted them in black. That is how the black loafers came into being. From there on,the Italian designer Gucci, created his Gucci Loafers with snaffle bit in black Colour, so it can be worn as formal wear too.


Women shoes are created to give a good posture for women. That is why, heel shoes are created for women. There are variety of unique, yet sometimes uncomfortable designs of shoes for women. And, sometimes women can’t wear them on daily basis. That is why loafers are the best choice for women’s daily use. Its comfortable and easy to wear for a longer period. When G.H. Bass created the Weejuns design in 1936, they never realised that women would buy these shoes more than men. So, after two years a female version of the loafers were created.


Thus, Loafers comfiness and easy to wear made it easy to use formally or informally, by men or women both.


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Frequently asked questions
I have a pair of black monochrome penny loafers, how will I use it as a formal wear?
Monochrome penny loafers, was used by a world renowned artist, known as “God of break dance” Late. Michael Jackson. If you have noticed, he paired his black and white monochromes with formal wear a like an pro. You too, can pair it with universal color black formal wear,or. , Any jodhpur formal pants, with white crisp shirt, or., Pencil skirt or bubble skirt of black color, with any light pastel color shirt.
1 answers
I'm a college student what loafers can I pair with jeans?
● Light blue denim dungaree, with black Gucci loafers. ● Dark color jeggings with black penny loafers ● Ripped Jeans with black tassel loafers ● Flare bottom blue jeans with black loafers with wedges.
1 answers
My feet smells a lot, is there any loafers with open ventilation?
You can try out our breathable loafers. It's design has open pores, which will let air pass in and out of the shoe. Henceforth, your feet won't get wet and stay dry and also there will be less possibility of Yeast Infection.
1 answers
Can I use black loafers on my Indian wear?
A. Black Loafers for punjabi suit/salwar kameez /kurta chudidar. B. A cute version, one with tassel. C. Black Loafers, can be worn with sari. If you want to wear sari, in a unique way. You can wear a chanderi sari, with the sari's end as dupatta around your neck or try the trendy fashion of sari.
1 answers
Can loafers be used for outdoor activities, like trekking?
The black faux leather loafers can be worn as outdoor shoes, like for trekking. But, as it is faux leather, it will have wear and tear faster as compared to real leather.
1 answers
How old are black loafers? Where they the first loafers created?
The first black loafers was available in the Aurland style of loafers. No, they were not the first shoe created. The first loafers created was of Wildsmith , and then the actual design of loafers was created by a Norwegian shoemaker in Aurland. The Aurland loafers were first created in natural color, and then it was created in black. Then, thereafter, Gucci loafers created black loafers with its signature metal design on top of the shoe, for formal wear.
1 answers
My mom likes all her shoes with back opening, I want to gift her a black loafer with back opening. Can you suggest something?
There are backless loafers available,which are known as mule loafers. Mule shoes were worn since Ancient Rome, but it got its recognition after 16th century in Europe. They were mostly worn Indoors as boudoir shoes, but as the trend changed with changes in time, they were used as outdoors more often, due to its comfortable wear. Most recently, a very famous fashion magazine Elle named mule as the shoe of 2017.
1 answers
I'm going to be a female MJ dancer for my cultural programme, but it's very difficult to find the shoes? Can you help me?
Try out our MJs legendary loafers. Even after the cultural programme, you can use this loafers on a daily basis, pairing it with your casual jeans or any Indian salwar kameez attire. Just, make sure it is paired well, and coordinating with the colors of the outfit. As loafers, are considered in the fashion world as the most trickiest shoes to be paired with any outfit.
1 answers
I love brogues, but I have been told brogues are for men. I want to know is it true?
If you are saying brogues are for men, then, if you go back to history, most of the shoes were made for men, for their comfort and daily use. Because, in those days men were the ones who went out for work and women, stayed at home. Women only went out on functional gatherings or into the market. But, as time changed trends changed, the role play of men and women changed. Women not only looked after household, but also entered the world of men, with grace and poise. So, at that times, when there were no outdoor shoes for women, women wore shoes designed for men. Then, shoe makers started making shoes for both men and women. In this 21st century, there is no gender bias, in anything. We all are equal. Henceforth, even brogue shoes can be worn with grace and poise by a women too. It is available on Limeroad in the form of loafers also.
1 answers
I love heels, but loafers are flat shoes, and I love its design, so are there any options suitable for me?
Loafers, were formerly created as flats. Loafer means a person's who sits idle, and Is relaxed. So, the name of the shoes is derived from it. And, even loafers, provide relaxation to the wearer, that is why it's mostly flat. But, as change in times and trends, loafers have been created in heels too.
1 answers