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                                           Black Saree


The list of women traditional wear in India is incomplete without saree.

Saree, is salient Indian attire for women, is weaved from cotton, silk or synthetic yarns up to a length of about five to seven yards. The cloth may be embroidered, simple, bright or sober according to the choice of customer. It is draped over the lower body in such a way that a fraction of cloth is left to cover the upper half too. One end of the saree, the pallo is left hanging over the shoulder while the other end is tucked onto the waist.


The colour Black


Black is bold and beautiful.The color black not only symbolises a sense of power, prestige and modishness but also affects your overall look by helping to create a charm in appearance,adding completeness to your beauty and hereby creating a comfortable zone within your clothings.


Black for your Saree


Choosing this colour for your Saree puts you one step ahead of all the colour choices out there. A black Saree puts a mark of beauty and uniqueness on a woman.

For an Indian woman, Black saree is a must-have wardrobe staple in the traditional wear section of your wardrobe.


No limit to the choices


Black Saree is just not a piece of cloth in a plain,dark hue; it spreads through various designing schemas, intermixes with thousands of shades, adapts varieties of fashion- fusions and then it dips you a beautiful splash of trends and styles.

Have you ever given a look to latest twists in domain of the Black Saree-

  • A black georgette saree, a classic black silk saree or a zardozi-encrusted black saree will give you an enticing charm.
  • Fuchsia- borders with black saree are meant to look mystique. Haven’t you already seen the craze for black saree in movies?

Black sharpens your features and makes you look flawless. This colour is evergreen. For all kinds of wedding and functional occasions; a decorated, finely worked out and embroidered black saree with heavy jewellery is a must-try style.


What about your Fashion goals?


You can customize your blouse to fit your body-shape.

  • You can choose backless, halter-neck or full-sleeved blouses to give your black saree a final touch.
  • For professional purposes or formal meetings, you should carry a light cotton saree with simple chokers or light neckpieces.
  • Black Kaanjivaram saree receives a big ‘yes’ for achieving a unique and graceful look.
  • Experiment your best with the accessories. Black is ready to be paired with traditional silver and gold ornaments and is also compatible with the modern metal and  non-metal jewellery.

If your wardrobe craves a fresh touch of black, why not buy a black saree?

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Let some Black placed into the wardrobe, Let some Black flow to the ethnics!