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black trousers for boys

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Black Trouser For Boys

A black trouser is the most basic for every stud wardrobe's. From shiny to pastel black this classic colour has multiple shades available around the globe. With a bit of a timbre down built, the black bottom wear is the most wanted of all the shades. The fitting of the black trousers seems so adjustable as it is made for your body only. Being a dark shade the black trousers goes really well for thick legs and make look slimmer.


The black colour is raucous that even the teenagers enjoy wearing it, no fancy element yet so classic. It will just an appropriate choice for any formal occasions or house parties. The colours of a informal trousers is not so basic and varies from Beige, grey, black, dark  blue, etc. But the most likable of all is the rich black, goes mostly with any upperwear the black trousers looks really lavish and stylish despite being so conventional.

Where to wear black formals?


Formal are usually meant to wear for a classic look and and professional appeal.

And black formal trousers can be worn to carry the tradition of particular place or occasion. Like when we go to workplace or any coded soiree there is a certain kind of trouser and similarity for clothes in a party.  For night outings we prefer little loud and bright look black trouser. For a day out a simple, hushed full length black trouser will work.


Got confused which shade of  black trouser to wear for a independent jamboree? Sneak into the Limeroad expert section where you can just put your queries and your answer will be ready in as you wink.


Variations of black are infinite but to choose scheme which will stand you out is the ultimate challenge. From taupe to charcoal you can select the best black shade according to the session  or season. Roll down to check out your favorite black trouser collection, not only this you can customize your trousers, shop at Limeroad and avail this opportunity!

Pleated black trouser


Pleated trouser is really not usual bottom wear. It takes confidence to carry pleated trousers, as Trend-setters don’t seem to make up their thoughts on the matter of pleats. Pleats fashion is dynamic, it comes and goes out in blink of eyes. Lot many fashion brands don’t favour this style, but those who do have really set goals to achieve the high fashion pleated trouser. The small folds in the fabric of a cloth that have been permanently stick in place, looks really amazing and smooth. So it become easy to wear while not think about the crease.




The trouser like bottom wear, chinos are a cotton twerk fabric or casual trousers made from chino or the same fabric. A combination of khakis and dress pants or either of them is where chinos fall. With exceptionally great look, chinos are really stylish and some great deals are available in black trousers. A popular style and a great piece of work wear that comes with exceptionally cool way. High end fashion brands offers black as their only and ultimate black chino, with unexceptional demand.


It’s not always mandatory to go for shirts in this instance but you can always experiment.

Opt for t-shirts as well with black trousers as they really look versatile and can give both classy and stylish look. To look attractive pick your style perfectly to go whether for informal or professional reunion. Black formal trousers from Limeroad goes a long way in making you the most style forward-looking boy at any occasion.

Casual Black Trousers


Casual wears are mood based, and when you plan to choose black your style statement get noticed. The most bold of all,  casual black trouser is brilliant choice to attend any club parties as it can be paired up with t-shirts, shirts, polos and almost anything.

Formal Black Trousers


Get compliments for your sober and elegant fashion sense.

Black has been the symbolic color of authority and sovereignty, and for this reason is still usually worn by advocate and barristers. The black colour doesn’t rely to one shade but is expanded to multiple shades and varieties. Due to this the availability of black trousers is extended manifold times and is most wanted shade in trousers.


Black trousers are most preferable as it presents the symbol of royalty as said in the day back time. The official colour worn by most of the professionals the black trousers personifies statesmanship.

Look debonair with a pair of black trousers as it is an important apparel in every boy’s closet. These pants go perfectly well with almost all types of t- shirts and shirts, thereby making them the most accommodating outfit. You can wear them without giving a second thought. The most confident of all the colours, one that is loved by many is the black. Since black expresses suave, black trousers are known to be the best to- go choice for any informal or formal wear. But with new designs and trend coming into fashion, black trousers are still making their presence felt in the odds.