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blue heaven eyeliner for women

Blue Heaven Eyeliner For Women

Eyes are the most beautiful and attractive part of the face. They express each and every expression nicely. And using a good eyeliner will increase their expressiveness even more.


From a normal college going girl to a professional makeup artist, eyeliners are a must-have for every girl.


And if you think which eyeliner is best for daily use for college going girls and office going girls, then blue heaven eyeliner is right here for your rescue.




Liquid liner

  • It comes in a small size bottle so you can carry it in your bag anytime, anywhere.
  • You can use it to get the perfect intense black colour. The pigment comes beautifully in two swipes.
  • The applicator is quite easy to use and can be used easily by beginners and non professionals.
    It can also be used as kajal.
  • It is easy to remove and you can easily get the perfect look.
  • It is bold and intense and also waterproof. You need not to worry about smudge also.
  • It gives the perfect look for any kind of clothing.
    It is also very cheap as compared to others and best suited for daily uses.


Sketch Eyeliner

  • This sketch eyeliner comes in a 1m long sketch pencil.
  • It is totally waterproof and does not require time to dry.
  • You can easily get those perfectly winged eyes with its easy to use shape.
  • It is as easy to use as pen or sketch.
  • It is long lasting and gives your eyes the perfect bold look.
  • It is really cost effective and best for daily use for those who do not get their hands set on liquid liners.



If you are bored with the black eyeliner you can take your hands on other colors like golden, silver, white etc. Perfect color gives perfect look and personality. There are many more colors Available in blue heaven eyeliners range.




Blue heaven eyeliners are great of quality at a cheap price.  These eyeliners are best for daily use and for beginners who are not perfect in applying eyeliners. These eyeliners are suitable for party looks also but best for daily use. They look good with light makeup also as they are intense and bold.


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Frequently asked questions
Is it suitable for daily use?
Yes. It is best suited for daily use only as it is long lasting and very cheap in price.
1 answers
Is it matte?
Yes it gives matte look.
1 answers
Is it intense?
It is very intense and bold giving your eyes the most desirable look.
1 answers
Is it waterproof?
Yes. It waterproof and does not get removed until you rub it.
1 answers
Is it easy to remove?
It is very easy to remove in case you have applied it wrong.
1 answers
Is it suitable for beginners?
Yes. Beginners can easily use it as it is easy to apply and easy to remove.
1 answers
Can it be used as kajal?
Yes it is smudge-free and can easily be applied as kajal.
1 answers
Does it dry quickly?
Yes it dries very quickly and there's no fear of getting it spread.
1 answers
Is it long lasting?
Yes. It is really long lasting and best for your working hours.
1 answers
Does it produce smudge?
No it does produce smudge.
1 answers