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Buy Bridal Necklaces For Women in India @ Limeroad

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gold metal bridal necklace
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traditional bridal red floral embellished flower jewellery set with maang tikka
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Bridal Necklaces

Wondering what makes the “Special Day” so very special? Apart from the celebration of a new phase of life, a bride's pride falls into the princess treatment she gets and the fact that this is the occasion for her to look her best self! Because let's face it, weddings are the Bride's day!

One of the most important things on this occasion is to choose just the perfect jewellery to match the vibrancy of the apparel, as well as the pride of the bride. Necklaces play a central role in this and have over time come to become the highlight of a bride's entire getup.


Types Of Bridal Necklaces


Whoever said that there is beauty in simplicity, simply hasn't experienced the thrill of going extra! Bridal jewellery is usually showy, with not one, but multiple pieces of necklaces teamed together to give the best possible look. It is important to know the variations in these necklaces so that one can make a holistic compilation according to the choice of taste.


Choker Necklace - This is a short necklace that wraps around the neck area like a band. The wrap around gives an authentic look to the wearer and makes a bold statement. These often also come in variations with ornate pendants to give a heavier look.


Collar Necklace - This Necklace is placed slightly lower than a choker, and covers the collar area. These kinds of necklaces accentuate the collarbone and go well with low shoulder blouses. Try the Gold Gold Plated Bridal Necklace by The Jewelbox at Limeroad and other similar options to highlight your neckline.


Bib Necklace - Another option around the collarbone is a bib necklace. This may be held close to the collar or may hang slightly lower. The specialty about these necklaces is the heavy intricate work in a bib style that steals the show instantly. The exquisite collection of Bib Necklaces by Sri Sringarr at Limeroad offers vibrant variety with multiple coloured stones and designs.


Pendant Necklace - There is nothing more petite than a royal gold pendant hanging by a thick gold chain. These necklaces can often be as long as till the lower chest area, and add a grace to the entire ensemble.


Bridal jewellery is available in various precious materials like Gold, Kundan, and Polki. These are the metals of grace, and have always been a class apart. However, recently kicking into the trend is the concept of minimalist weddings and simple celebrations. Although Gold is a good investment as a metal, people often hesitate in spending as much money only on wedding jewellery. Therefore, Limeroad presents the viable option of Imitation jewellery. These are replicas of authentic jewellery that add the same grace to your special day at a much lesser costing.


So be sure to mix and match the perfect blend of Bridal Necklaces to make the occasion memorable. Visit Limeroad now, and dress yourself up!