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Buy Butcher Knife For Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Butcher Knife For Kitchen


Every kitchen needs a professional set of knives for carving, slicing, chopping meat, vegetables and fruits. We always look for the different lengths and types of knives, as well as ones to be used based on your experience with a particular type of knife in the kitchen. Chefs must work with the best available tools and the right blade which will allow a superior precision and skill. Different knives serve different purposes so if you only cook occasionally, you may only need a paring knife and a chef’s knife. To cook on a daily basis a larger range of professional steel knives will be essential. The types of kitchen knives one need depends solely on level and field of cooking, as well as the skills and techniques one need from a blade you are using.


There are various types of knives as per its purpose of usage as a mostly used one is the chef’s knife which has a blade between 6 and 14 inches long, 1 inch wide with a curve that becomes more sharper near the tip. This type of knife is mainly used to slice large cuts of beef , but it's also much more versatile. From cutting meat to chopping vegetables this multi-purpose tool is a must-have in every kitchen, then a paring knife which has a short blade, typically between 21⁄2 and 4 inches and an edge that looks like a smaller than chef’s knife. Butcher’s knives are large, thick, and have a curved front and they are primarily used in combination with a bone saw and boning knife to break down a carcass into primal cuts, and then to work with the larger primal cuts. Butcher knives are used to slice whole loins into strip steaks, the length really helps to ensure even, level cuts. They also use the curved front end to get into joints and cut away the connective tissue to break them free. They are smaller and thinner and allow for more control and allow you to get into tighter spaces. The thinner blade and pointier end allows you to get under silver and fat much more precisely. In between a boning knife and a butchers knife is a breaking knife. All three have the same general design of a curved front edge to allow you to get into joints, under connective tissue, and use them almost like scalpels to follow seams and separate cuts along curved lines.


For using butcher knife during the meat and other cutting actions, all the chefs are suggested to avoid using the marble or any other similar kind of very hard surfaces which will cause damage to the blades. This is why it is highly recommended using only the wooden surface which is tough enough and also safe to use the butcher knife for any cutting and butchering action and it will provide enough protection to the blades and safeguard the knife. Even though the butcher knives and cleavers will cut through the bone, they must not be exceptionally used for the large or thick bones. It is possibly suggested to cut between the bones instead through them to increase the life of the butcher knife blades. For the safety and long life of the blades, all the experts are suggested only the hand washing and don’t use dishwasher and one have to clean it gently using the warm soapy water. Thus when choosing and using kitchen knives whether you are a professional chef or a beginner in cooking you can always learn to widen your knowledge of the purpose and usage of different blades and make the best choices possible for your kitchen needs. With all kinds of kitchen knives available with it’s best price range at Limeroad have a happy and wonderful shopping.