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Buy Campus Sutra Shrugs For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Campus Sutra Shrugs For Men


About Campus Sutra


Looking for something that exactly matches your defiant personality? Campus Sutra is just the place for you. As the name itself suggests, Campus Sutra is the youth hub for fashion which works on bringing the fresh and newest trends for the determined young individuals who know how to balance sensibility and funk.


Founded on October 26th, 2012 Campus Sutra has given a very important contribution to the world of fashion which is now easily accessible in nearby brand showrooms, and e-commerce websites like Limeroad. Limeroad picks out the best and the most in-demand pieces for the customers.


This brand is unapologetically different and frisky. Making healthy life choices and making correct fashion statements is what the current generation is about. Campus Sutra aims to be just the right spot for the youth to find all they desire.


Campus Sutra on Limeroad


Limeroad works to bring new choices from the brand Campus Sutra every other day for every kind of style and to keep up with the fast-moving fashion. They stay light on your pockets and good in their quality.


Accepted by millions of youth around the globe the quirky trends of this brand blends seamlessly with the neverending energy of today’s generation. It helps the character-driven individuals to make fashion choices that go with their personality. Limeroad, understanding this fact, brings you the most authentic apparels and accessories from Campus Sutra including ever trending shrugs that makes you stand out in about every scenario.


Limeroad’s collection of Campus Sutra Shrugs for Men


Limeroad brings you the best of Campus Sutra shrugs for men. Their style defines the individuality of the new world.The prices of these shrugs range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 999. Their creative designs and prints can be matched with any kind of t-shirts whether it be of a plain white color or a funky juvenile one.


Campus Sutra breaks the rules and crosses the borders of defined fashion to present you with the most interactive kind of shrugs that may leave you with an open mouth. But collect your jaws from the floor because this art is made just for you. Easily available at your very own fashion site- Limeroad.


Cruising through these amazing collections of shrugs you may find some that may leave you with an overwhelming urge to empty your pockets. But in my opinion the following pass as the most intriguing of all.


  • Black Cotton Shrug- These comfortable apparels are a cozy home to a young heart. At the price of Rs. 899 these classic black color shrugs may just become your favorite.

  • Blue Cotton Shrug-  A little vibrant, a little skittish and just the right thing for you at the price of only Rs. 899.

  • Grey Cotton Shrug- Its the younger member of the black family and what's not to like about this color? And that too available at the very low price of Rs. 959.

  • Purple Cotton Shrug- This the king of funky colors in all its glory available at the price of only Rs. 899.


When you’re getting the best at the most trustable fashion site why look anywhere else?