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Buy Canvas Belts For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Canvas Belts For Women


Bored already with your casual belts? Are you tired of changing them every third month?


Canvas belts are here to rescue all kinds of your dilemmas. Are you looking for classic ideas of styling canvas belts for women to spice up your look? Limeroad is the one-stop destination for some beautiful and trendy collection of canvas belts.


Canvas belts are made up of the canvas material with D shaped buckles, flip-top buckles, strap buckles, double prong buckle and many more. Mostly used for casual looks but the canvas belts can be very useful.


Talking about the belts, it is probably the most underrated accessories. Sure it does not count as one of the exciting pieces in your closet but when you get to choose your favourite belt style, your finishing work is done!


The canvas belt material is very light, easy to wear and durable. We help you come across a diverse range of canvas belts to choose from which must be a part of your wardrobe as it may come handy in times of hurry.


Such belts can help you add up spice to your otherwise simple looking outfit.


Styling The Canvas Belt


  • A piece of white canvas belt made up of high quality and thick canvas can compliment almost every type of outfit and shorts.
  • A black canvas belt can particularly be paired with ripped denim or trousers with a red t-shirt on the top which will give a rough and tough look.
  • An option of other girly colours like pink, red, black would make your entire look stylish.
  • The neon colour options of the canvas belts can be paired with white t-shirts, fancy party tops, dresses and shorts.
  • The tan or brown colour canvas belts can be paired with either a formal look or even an outdoor sporty look.
  • Some belts can be used for business looks and other for parties depending on the colour and style choices.
  • Wearing the same shade belt with your outfit will effortlessly make your look stunning provided that your contrast it well.
  • For a tip, you can pair your casual canvas shoes most appropriately by adding a canvas belt in your attire.

The Wise Advice


Make sure that you never pair the wrong style with your outfit. For instance, you will not want to pair a blue canvas belt with a formal suit on an important meeting day! So, to save yourself from the “oopsie daisy” moment keep your look in tune with the choice of canvas belt.


With the diverse range available in the width of the belts, you should keep in mind that the skinnier the belt is, the more formal purpose it is meant to serve and the thicker the width is, the more casual purpose is solved.


Avoid wearing a canvas belt with large buckles as it may appear ridiculous or flashy in the entire outfit, especially in a formal look!


So, the search for different sorts of canvas belts ends here at one stop, Limeroad. Stay classy with a huge variety of designs, brands, colours to choose from.