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Buy CFS Perfume for Men in India @ Limeroad

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CFS Perfume for Men


Perfume is a mixture of essential oils extracted from natural sources (flowers, fruits, spices,woods) or artificial sources. These oils are then dissolved in alcohol or other solvents at specific concentrations to give the desired fragrance.


The fragrance of perfumes keeps changing with time, once it is sprayed. For the initial 4-5 minutes, top notes are stronger and emanate a sharp, assertive smell. Once these molecules are evaporated, the dry down period ends and heart notes kick into dominance. That's when the real pleasant fragrance comes into the picture. They last longer than the top notes. After 1-2 hours, base notes replace the heart notes and these are the most long-lasting.


At LimeRoad, CFS offers a wide range of perfumes with surprising and satisfying combinations of odour notes.


CFS Cargo white 100 ml

This versatile apparel fragrance throws out top notes of citrus, lemon and bergamot. It soon dries down into heart tones rose, cardamom, jasmine. The base note has sandalwood, patchouli and amber. Sharp citrus, pleasant floral and rounded woody tones occur in that order as perfume fades away.

CFS 21 Club code black

French Lavender and Brazilian Orange are the opener top notes which then evolve into Ginger, seagrass, jasmine notes and leaves the lasting impression of sandalwood, cedar and musk. It is light and hence perfect for casual and office wear where you can spend a long day without a need for a respray.

CFS 21 Club Ice Water

Natural fresh ice water is the purest form of water. This apparel perfume with aquatic fragrance gives complete refreshing energy and chilled mood of ice. Use it on casual wear for casual times.

CFS Wild Sandal Perfume

A sweet apparel perfume first spits up milk and fruit odours. Heart notes are composed of saffron and timber, laying a woody base for the following Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss. It is packed in an attractive sandalwood coloured glossy bottle.

CFS Cargo Khaki Perfume

This is the longest lasting perfume among the CFS family. Opening with citrus and lavender notes, it paves way for mild floral notes like jasmine and germanium. Finally ends with strong tonka bean, sandalwood and musk notes. Comes in a frosty glass bottle with golden cap symbolizing its genuine odour.

CFS Begin

The best way to get things done is simply begin. The Fragrance is packed in a purple-tinted glass bottle with this quote printed on it in a dynamic font. In CFS, citrus is always the starter. Top notes open orange, grapefruit and lemon odour that makes way for woody and spicy heart notes like ginger, cedar, timber, moss. Finally what lasts is the strong base tone composition of patchouli, timber.

Other famous fragrances offered by CFS are Club night, street fight, man only, cargo, chocolate fantasy. CFS is an important player in the low budget perfume sector with most of its fragrances costing less than Rs 500. Tested Skin friendly solutions offered in a variety of fragrances and attractive packages are the factors responsible for its high demand. Now that you know how to select a perfume, look for top, heat and base notes in each of these descriptions and choose according to your need.