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champagne glasses

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Champagne Glasses


A celebration of any kind is incomplete without raising a toast. Champagne is the most preferred drink to raise such toasts and rightfully so. Champagne has a sparkline soul that shines bright with a specific aroma and blush. And while we admit that a quality champagne is what really adds to the royal feeling, glassware is an inseparable element of those glorious moments when one wants to give a toast. Many types of glassware are used to serve champagne and the choices are very personal. Browse through the collection of classy and high-quality champagne glasses from Limeroad and choose what calls out to you the most.


Giving The Perfect Toast


Champagne glasses have their own looks and bring along a glamorous touch to the drink, although, their importance is not just confined to the appearances. A lot of characteristics of the champagne, like the aroma, the carbonation intensity and longevity, the capacity, bubbles, depends on the curves, the surface area of the glass mouth, length of stem, and thinness of the rim, thus play a great role in selecting a particular type of glass design. So, if asked to decide the perfect glass for drinking champagne, it definitely wouldn’t be an easy choice.


Every type of glass serves its own purposes. The choice varies from person to person, from time to time and season to season. One particular style can’t just simply be announced the best. There are many kinds of champagne glasses and each has a different characteristic of their own.


Here are a few kinds that you might want to know about so you can make an informed choice:

  • Flute: These have been a popular choice for the oldest time. They have long stems and straight sides. They may have a pointed base or a curved base with a tapering rim. These are elegant and classy. They make the fragrance of the champagne stay longer as the rims are very narrow.
  • Tulip: These are a little curvy and wide but also carefully crafted to allow easy access to the alcohol fragrance and not lose the fragrance quickly. The larger and more circular build allows the fragrance to last longer.
  • Wine Glass: These are the ones currently in demand. Their bowl is more curved and doesn’t have a tapering end. The bowl is known for collecting the aroma of the champagne to collect and stay longer.
  • Coupe: This is a vintage design that was at its peak of popularity a few decades ago. The glasses stand distinguished for their shallow shape and widest bowl. The glass is short and perfect to serve the champagne.

The perfect champagne glasses should have a thin rim, the perfect stem length, a broad mouth, should be crystal made, and should be durable. To get the most use out of them, they should also be easy to clean and low on maintenance. So that is the story of the champagne glass. Next time you host a celebration, make sure to leave your guests in awe with the breathtaking designs of champagne glasses available only on Limeroad.