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Buy Chanderi Suits & Dress Material For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Chanderi Suits


Chanderi Suits are a hybrid of silk and cotton fabric, known for their lightweight, lustrous and regal appearance and have become a classic favourite among women. The Chanderi fabric has made a mark in the Indian textile industry, most designers are opting for Chanderi fabric due to its unique and versatile features.


History of Chanderi


The Chanderi fabric gets its name from the town Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh where traditional weavers used to produce Chanderi Suits and sarees by weaving silk and golden zari in cotton yarns. These elegant suits were made specifically for the Royals. Whereas in contemporary times Chanderi Suits have become very popular for their light sheen and delicate detailing.


These suits have become the stars of ethnic wear and are donned during mostly wedding season.

Essence Of Chanderi


Chanderi Suits derive their essence from its royal heritage hence the work done on them is nothing less than luxurious.


The buttis or motifs are the essence of Chanderi Suits, these motifs are specially handcrafted in designs reflecting the beauty of nature such as peacocks, flowers, swans etc. These beautiful designs are done in gold, silver and copper and make the appearance of the suit even more magnificent.

These motifs have undergone a style revolution and are available in many trending designs. LimeRoad offers a wide range of both contemporary Chanderi Suit designs as well as the classics at jaw-dropping prices.

Sheer Texture

Chanderi Suits are known for their sheer texture and beautiful embroidery. The sheer texture and slight sheen they provide sets them apart from other suits.

Style It Your Way

Chanderi Suits can be paired with any kind of jewellery but they look best with silver statement earrings and necklaces. These suits are perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions due to the beautiful embroidery and motifs that they bear. LimeRoad offers a collection of these exquisite Chanderi Suits in a variety of sizes and colours.



It is advised to get the Chanderi Suits dry-cleaned due to the delicate nature of the fabric.