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Buy Christian Dior Perfume for Men in India @ Limeroad

Christian Dior Perfume for Men

What is perfume?


Perfume is a mixture of essential oils extracted from natural sources (flowers, fruits, spices) or artificial sources. These oils are then dissolved in alcohol at specific concentrations to give the desired fragrance.


Demystifying the perfume notes


Once sprayed, for the initial 4-5 minutes, top notes are stronger and emanate a sharp, assertive smell. Once these molecules are evaporated, the dry down period ends and heart notes kick into dominance. That's when the real pleasant fragrance comes into the picture. They last longer than the top notes. After 1-2 hours, base notes replace the heart notes and these are the most long-lasting.


Points to keep in mind while choosing a perfume


  • Do not smell too many perfumes as this causes nose fatigue when your olfactory senses become blunt to the differences in each fragrance.
  • Test a perfume on a blotting paper and not on skin. Skin is home to a lot of microbes, toxins, chemicals that interfere with the original fragrance of the perfume.
  • Always smell coffee beans to neutralise your smell sense. Coffee has a strong aroma that improves the sensitivity of our odour sensors.
  • Though you might not like a particular smell like lemon/vanilla/rose etc, don’t hesitate to try fragrances derived from them. When mixed with so many other ingredients, they might produce an appealing resultant smell.


Why do men need perfume?


Perfume elevates the personality of a man to a whole new level of charm, pride and glamour.  Perfume makes your presence felt even before you arrive and leaves your mark after you retire. Olfactory presentability boosts your confidence and elevates the visual impression you make.


At Limeroad, Christian Dior perfumes bring to table unique combinations of notes that cater to various moods and seasons.


Christian Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum

The perfume has top notes dominated by lavender which evolve into vanilla, cedar heart notes. The woody base notes last for a whole long day. Its rich aroma is well packed in a double-layered transparent glass bottle. It costs around Rs 14000.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette

It is one of the oldest and highly received fragrance from Christian Dior. Its fragrance notes comprise of honeysuckle, sandalwood and balsam. It gives a sweet aroma that is perfect for cold days. It is tightly packed in a smooth tapered gradient tinted bottle. It is priced under Rs 5000.

Christian Dior Homme Sport Eau De Toilette

Citrus lemon dominance is the soul of this fragrance. This calm and unique aroma is perfect as Men’s summer perfume. Toilette is a lighter version of perfume where the concentration of dissolved oils is comparatively less.


During the times of sale, these perfumes are also available in combos of 3 or 5 at discounted prices. Online shopping of perfumes exposes you to the risk of fake products. By verifying sellers, Limeroad assures you get what you paid for. Time-saving shopping options like search, sort, filters and user-friendly payment and refund policies, Safe delivery services make online shopping of perfumes, an avenue worth exploring.