10 Inspirational movies When You've Lost All Hope In Life

Shruti Kumar
April 14, 2016
Oscar winning The Blind Side
Based on the true story of Michael Oher, one of the NFL’s rising stars (National Football League in the USA). Michael Oher was a black teenager from the poverty stricken part of Memphis, Tennessee and although I won’t go into the storyline here, he was taken in by a white family. He became a football star in high school and was pursued by several colleges offering scholarships. He was finally drafted by the NFL’s Baltimore team.
500 days of summer
The couple in (500) Days of Summer have true chemistry. There are some beautiful, subtle moments of tenderness as well as some heart-rending moments of disconnectedness between the two that never comes across as heavy- handed. The movie constantly reminds you that these are two different people with different ideas of a relationship, yet they stubbornly continue dating, and they remain lovable all the same.
Shahrukh Khan Starrer Swades
Swades is about the conscience trauma of an Indian, urging him to comeback and do something for his country. It haunts you for long enough after the cinema has ended.
Inspirational History - Lagaan
"Lagaan" is an enormously entertaining movie, like nothing we've ever seen before, and yet completely familiar. Set in India in 1893, it combines sports with political intrigue, romance with evil scheming, musical numbers with low comedy and high drama,