Movies That Inspire Us #LimeRoadChangeTheStory

Action-Thriller with a woman IPS officer in the lead. Braveheart policewoman, played by Rani Mukerji, is at the helm of solving the organized crime cartel of Human Trafficking. Despite life threats & personal attacks she manages to arrest the head of the kingpin and deliver justice to the girls who were his victims. One of the very few Bollywood movies where the leading woman dared hardcore action scenes!
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A kickass character where Vidya Balan, a rural woman, defenseless & alone after the plotted death of her husband, plans to get revenge from her not dead husband for trying to kill her. All she knew how to use best was the situation & her sensuality.
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The story of a Punjabi girl who travels to Paris and Amsterdam for her honeymoon all alone, when her beau calls off the wedding on the last minute. The movie ends with a confident, rejuvenated Rani (Queen) thanking her ex fiancée for giving her the opportunity for self-awakening & walking away from him with a smile on her face.
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An emotional drama depicting the lives of two women from different backgrounds, Meera, played by Ayesha Takia, a young widow trapped by orthodox tradition and Zeenat, played by Gul Panag, is an independent working woman. The plot revolves around how they are brought together by fate and how their friendship helps Meera to get a new perspective on her life.
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