I pledge with #LimeRoadDareToWear

Ira Dubey
April 2, 2016
Never be afraid to have fun with Fashion.
From schools to colleges to the supermarket, everyone has an opinion on how women should dress. Why should there be bans & opinions on something so fun... Fashion! I am Ira Dubey, and here I am to support LimeRoad in this cause, & to tell you that you should also #LimeRoadDareToWear!
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Don't shy away from Experimenting #LimeRoadDareToWear
This look is more about making style effortless & classy. There's a big, chunky neck-piece, with a comfortable top which is entirely sequinned, and printed pajama pants. If you imagine an ensemble like that, it probably seems like too much going on! But it worked really well. In spite of the sequins on the top, it is a good choice even for a Sunday Brunch. Just for a little drama, add a pop of Red on the lip!
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I'm not afraid to go over the top with Glamour. #LimeRoadDareToWear
This particular shoot was for my portfolio. The Dress is super short & fitted but works just so well. We Indians as a whole like bling in our attire. I also specifically love how my hair has been done here. I strongly suggest we shouldn't be afraid to try new colors thinking it might not go with our skin tone. The colors we're often told to avoid are for instance wine reds or navy blues, even those look gorgeous! Trust me, if put together well, colors work beautifully on any skin tone!
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Boots in Mumbai makes no sense? Doesn't seem like it in this look. #LimeRoadDareToWear
This is one of my favorite shoots. It combines my sensibility with style. These boots are almost 12 years old now. I bought them when I was still in college & paid a bomb for them... but couldn't wear them much considering the weather in Mumbai. In this particular shoot however, with this really light, Bohemian Tunic dress. I could balance them out beautifully since the dress does not look over the top either. People think it's stupid to wear boots in Mumbai, but this look is a perfect myth buster & I feel the ensemble over-all is risky but just to the point!
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