6 Freshly Baked Blue Looks For 2016

LimeRoad Editorial
April 2, 2016
Class Up A Blue Act
Blue is no longer boring and safe! It is bold and daring when you have a neat little dress with a formal cut. The sling bag, narrow belt and wedges add a chic little twist to the fab look!
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Simplify Your Blues
Blues are not about depression anymore. They are about panache, breeziness and oomph. The patch-work inspired skirt is apt for all seasons while the geometric top is a class apart. The nude heels and statement necklace add a defined feel to the casual look.
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Holiday In Sky Blue With A Sporty Twist
Play up in peppy tones with this Totally Wild captioned tee. The tote and aviators add an icy feel to the holiday look while the loafers round the girly look perfectly!
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Freshen Up Your Blue Collection
Antique bangle with a blue gemstone, desi chappals with blue overtones and a loose fitted kurta with a leafy motif-- combine the three to create a perfect tale in blue.
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