6 things you can steal from your Man's wardrobe

Iswarya Sudhakaran
February 11, 2017
Oversized T-shirt
Oversized t-shirt or, now famous as, t-shirt dresses, are quite a thing lately. Pick one from his wardrobe and pair it with some comfy shoes for a causal outfit! Throw on a skinny belt to give a bit more definition to your waist.
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Jumper or Sweatshirt
Nothing is more comfortable than a man’s sweatshirt, right? We are sure you must have stolen quite a few already!
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Big Shirt
Men find women quite sexy in their own shirts. But believe us, you can take that big shirt out of the bedroom too! Wear it with some boots and shorts.
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Jacket or Blazer
An over-sized jacket or blazer can come in handy during emergencies or when you’re trying to experiment. In any case, these look wonderful when worn over dresses, adding the perfect masculine touch to an otherwise feminine outfit.
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